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Koku Gamer writes: "Heavy Rain is a rare example in gaming where personal attachment to the characters is 100% necessary to enjoy the game. Quantic Dream is widely known as the developers of Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US) a game that created its own genre, Heavy Rain takes this genre to a new level. Action fans beware; this is not the game for you. The closest you can get to describe this 'Interactive Drama' is a point and click with quick time events. Heavy Rain sets out to do something different in a market filled with action and skills based games. Has this risky project made it through to clear skies or will it drown in the downpour of criticism?"

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cain1413009d ago

I'm loving this so far.

cb8103009d ago

can't wait to get my mitts on this one...

Valay3009d ago

Sounds like a fair review.

Bathyj3009d ago

The haters need to accept, this game is a hit. Even the devs figured it would be 50-50 but the overwhelming response has been positive. People are ssing it for what it is. Something fresh and different.

The only thing keeping it out of masterpiece class is that its not for everyone. Impatient or immature people might lack the temprement to play it but its only their loss.

For all the talk about "Its only a movie", if that were the case, why have I never felt so involved in a game as I do now?

QTE's are simply a mechanic to make you think or act quickly, to make a choice on the spot, like you need to in real life. You dont fail and then start again from a checkpoint. You play it out and then deal with the path it takes you down.

I love my shooters too, be I dont think they are the peak of gaming, more like a plateu that has leveled off. If OD'ing on deathmatch is stopping you more enjoying a once a generation game, you need to try some variety.

edwineverready3009d ago

and 9/10 is a fair score. This game just chills me out.

Ziriux3009d ago

I feel you, i've been getting home around mid night and playing it by my self in a dark room, can get a bi creepy.

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