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DasBunker2885d ago

definitely gonna try darksiders.. a 90 min. demo sounds good.. already played GOWIII demo months ago.. march cant some soon enough

Solidus187-SCMilk2885d ago

I also want to try the gow3/darksiders demos.

DarkTower8052885d ago

Not bad, but I was hoping for a Heavy Rain avatar. A bloody oragami would have made my day. Sony really needs to start syncing avatars and dynamic themes with game releases.

Wh15ky2884d ago

I'd like to see Dynamic themes used as preorder incentives.

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Gue12885d ago

OMG Grandia on the PS Store!!!!!!

Myst2885d ago

Hmm, I can't remember but are these maps for the multiplayer Death match? Or the Co-op? Right now I believe it to be the death match ones, but not to sure.

Snoogins2885d ago

All modes except Co-Op Objective.

Myst2885d ago

Ah, thanks for the information. I guess I'll get the bundle.

Aclay2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

The God of War 3 demo file size from the PSN in comparison to the one that came with District 9 on Blu. is a little interesting. The demo that came with D9 was a little over 3GB in size (I think it was 3.2)... I'm guessing the additional 600MB+ was uncompressed sound or something...

I can't wait to download the Darksiders demo though. The game was never on my radar when it came out, but it seems like a pretty good game based on some of the User Reviews and Comments I've read about it.

execution172885d ago

600mb was probably that little video you get at the end maybe? idk stopped downloading it after i found out it was the E3 demo

DViOUS1ONE2885d ago

Dude grandia is a really good game. I heard it was from the same people that made the Lunar series, but I played this game back in middle school and this game rocks. It has one of the best fighting system in my opinion

XxRoosterxX2885d ago

The battle system is good, but the PS version of Grandia had some pretty bad translation. Luckily the story is horrible anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

If you do care about story, or understanding what's going on, I suggest finding the Sega Saturn Version.

In conclusion, its worth $10 I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.