Gamespot Gives 8.5 To The Darkness For PS3/360

The Darkness. You work best when you're in the shadows, it's a grisly and occasionally gruesome tale, and it also happens to be the name of the demon festering inside of you. Yes, for multiple reasons, The Darkness is a perfect name for this first-person shooter from 2K and Starbreeze, the developer responsible for The Chronicles of Riddick. Based on a comic book from Top Cow, The Darkness weaves an interesting and authentic tale of mobsters seeking revenge together with an otherworldly force with an insatiable appetite for human hearts.

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hikikimori4189d ago

I have it right here. It is pretty nice.
But again, wtf is the deal with the black borders on top and bottom of screen? (standard TV/ Ps3)
Anyone else have this? I know allot of you out there don't have HDTV like me.

HowarthsNJ4189d ago

If they did it without the borders some of the screen would be cut off at the sides.

kingofps34189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

This game truly feels Nex-Gen in gameplay and in story driven action. I strongly recommend you to check it out.

@hikikimori: No, I, haven't had any such problems with the game (4+ hours into the game).

hikikimori4189d ago

You have no borders on the screen and you have standard tv?

weekapaugh4189d ago

"The PlayStation 3 version seems to have slightly better color than the 360 version"

hey x-kiddies, I thought you said your version was superior???

toughNAME4189d ago

yes you have the colour
we have the graphics :D

original seed4189d ago

I dont really understand that statement. I know when i started playing it, it gave me 6 different color Variation to chose from. Since its purely subjective (picking which color scheme looks best) i dont see how one can have "better color"

amerz4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

You always make crap up Toughname.

@above, it's probably when you pick the same colour scheme on both, as I assume they did, PS3's colour scheme looks better than that same scheme on 360.

sjappie4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

The ps3 version had better colors, the 360 version was sharper. Nowhere they said that any of the versions was superior to the other, so STFU!

HowarthsNJ4189d ago

Too sharp maybe - a bit more AA would be nice, but I'm not complaining. It looks great.

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MannyHarlem1414189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

i sacrificed force feedback for the extra stuff they put in the blu-ray.. the ps3 version includes a nice "accomplishment" system, reminiscent of Resistance's, so i'm not missin the achievements so much... the graphics are supposed to be "virtually identical", the same textures from the HD vids of the 360 version, there are some frame rate issues that may be absent in the 360 version as that is the lead system after all.. but starbreeze knows what they're doin on the ps3, unlike some devs *cough* ubisoft! *cough*

@ Hikiki..: I have no such problems, i have a 27 inch standard def TV

original seed4189d ago

You mention extra stuff but by your list its exaclty what the 360 version got. Im i missing something? Extra Movies, Weopens or something?

HowarthsNJ4189d ago

They put a few of the comics on the disc that look to be HD resolution. Also full length versions of all the TV shows/movies playing on monitors in the game.

We watched about an hour of a movie in Jenny's apartment and made a few phone calls that were hilarious :-)

sheng long4189d ago

I also purhased this game on my ps3 instead of my 360 simply due to the extra content and i wanted to check out the accomplishments. Have not tried the multi player yet, but i will once i get better at it.

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The story is too old to be commented.