Kombo: Heavy Rain Review

It is always easy to tell when someone is playing a videogame. Images of Mario, Master Chief and Tetris are some of the first things that people will come up with when they talk about the subject. The focus of gaming conversations seem to shift towards the tangible, objective qualities of a game where it is easy to compare and contrast with titles from across genres and time periods. In the past 20 years, there hasn't been a fundamental change in how videogames feel, act or play.

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trane072976d ago

Its quiet as a cricket up in this piece. Had this score been less than a 8 out of 10 it would have been a 360 fanboy paarty up in here!!

Hanif-8762976d ago

Honestly, this game deserves it :-)

redsquad2976d ago

Another maximum. I'm not the smug sort, but damn I'm feeling it now!

As for GOTY, well... I think some sites may well award it that accolade as they clearly 'get' what HEAVY RAIN is all about, but too many of the larger ones will play it safe and go with a more traditional title, me thinks.