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Heavy Rain Review | RoboAwesome.com

Danny of RoboAwesome writes, " I'm not sure if just handing in a piece of paper with the words HOLY CRAP YAY copied and pasted seventy eight times will qualify as a review, I think it's time I went into a little more detail.

From the minute I arrived home with my copy of Heavy Rain in hand, I did the essential leg work needed before starting this game. I went to the bathroom, lifted weights for all of about ten minutes, microwaved a bag of popcorn and poured myself a tall glass of lemonade. The lights were off, the curtains were drawn, and the battery was pulled out of my phone. I did all of this because there are two things I hate to stop once I've started: Watching a movie and reading a Choose Your Adventure book…which is precisely the monstrous amalgamation this game is." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 10/10

talltony  +   1766d ago
Just beat it!
Agree this game is a 10 out of 10! It's an experience like no other. This is a must play!
thorstein  +   1766d ago
I think this is an early candidate
for Game of the Year. nothing like it.
Young Capwn  +   1766d ago
i want this game so badd
Moduserous  +   1766d ago
Reminds me of Shenmue actually.
trane07  +   1766d ago
where da haters at?
I could have sworn that this game was considered a downright flop 20 hours ago after bigpond gamearena reviewed it.
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redsquad  +   1766d ago
You know, if people don't care for HEAVY RAIN because it isn't their cup of tea and doesn't deliver the gaming experience they seek then fair's fair - No one game appeals to everyone, and I never expected HR to be any different.

But, hating this masterpiece out of petty spite, wishing failure upon it or dismissing it out of hand because it dares to challenge what they personally feel games 'must be' is extraordinarily pig-headed and ignorant. So glad those hypocrites scurry away when a review like ths comes along.
redsquad  +   1766d ago
Playing with Shaun in the park, pushing him on the swing, seeing his sadness become joy... It actually made me like kids for a while.

This game delivers genuine emotion: Not just feeling 'sad' because a character you like has died, but wanting to know these people, wanting to help them and most of all, wanting to SAVE them and give them a better life.

God, I love HEAVY RAIN - "Holy Crap Yay" indeed!
Keyan Reid  +   1766d ago
Lies! Shenanigans! BS!


Or, maybe not. I dunno. I'm curious about this one, but far more interested in the nature of the game than I am the actual story or anything like that.

It's just good to see such a bold departure from the standard gaming fare.
StanRaimondi  +   1766d ago
i did my first play thru lastnight and all i can say is WOW i loved everything from beginning to end. And since one of my characters died during the first play thru that alone makes me wanna play again. The other endings is just icing on the cake.

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