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Exclusive PS3 game announced, Possibly .hack

CyberConnect2, the company behind the Naruto games and the .hack franchise on the PlayStation 2 have just announced that they are developing a new title for the PlayStation 3. The information comes from the latest issue of Famitsu, but unfortunately lacks any additional information about the project. Could we be getting a new .hack title? Eight games just isn't enough!

... (.hack, PS3)
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fenderputty  +   2985d ago
Another PS3 exclusive announced today. All this news is really getting me excited for E3.
JsonHenry  +   2985d ago
Dude, I am always happy to hear about new games... but .hack?! Who cares?!
Phantom_Lee  +   2985d ago
another .hack!!!
come on....after the first 4 vol then the 2 GU....Im getting alittle sick of .hack.....

and let me guess....another 3 or 4 vols?
this better be the best .hack....
Marona  +   2985d ago
.hack//G.U. Vol.3 is already out on the PS2(Soon to be released in NA), Vol.4 will probably see daylight on the PlayStation 3.
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cookiemonster  +   2985d ago
it's good that ps3 is getting games and ball...but .hack?

this is about as exciting as hour of victory exclusive to 360
Expy  +   2985d ago
To some, it was a pretty good series for some Playstation 2 gamers out there.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2985d ago
Meh I didn't finish the .hack series, wasn't interested on them..
I don't expect to buy that one now, but if it's REALLY online....
ben hates you  +   2985d ago
didn't X-play say
this is the franchise they want to die, like really bad?
XxZxX  +   2985d ago
but the jap like it though
X  +   2985d ago
I remember hearing the idea that there would be a MMO .hack game. Maybe this would be it?
Satanas  +   2985d ago
Never played any because I didn't have a PS2, but I've a friend who is religiously into the hack games, I'm sure he'll be happy about this.
Lex Luthor  +   2985d ago
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2985d ago
u trust xplay
xplay loves xbox..there suer fanboys ....hack is fun and is streaching out long like FF series not as good but still fun
Satanas  +   2985d ago
Uh...Adam Sessler is quite happy with the PS3. Did you not see his video comments on Sony's Gamer Day? I don't think X-Play is really biased.
Torch  +   2985d ago
I know exactly where BubblesDAVERAGE is coming from; it's been nothing but PS3 bashing (G4 in general) since launch.

However, I noticed a dramatic change in tune as of late. As a matter of fact, even during tonight's prime-time airing of X-Play, Adam and Morgan were answering some video viewer mail, in which a viewer questioned whether it would be more feasible to pick up a new Apple iPhone or PS3.

To my surprise, they were quite openly optimistic about the PS3, reassuring viewers that, in the long run, the PS3 is a sure bet, while the iPhone is a new product and therefore questionable. Surprised, I even made a sarcastic remark to my wife, "what, no PS3 bashing this time???".

I also saw an interview-format Gamer's Day video (as mentioned a few days ago in another thread), in which Adam was praising the PS3's coming line up as if it were the best thing since sliced bread.

And THAT'S when I first saw Mr. Sessler sing the PS3 gospel. And it's been relatively (and surprisingly) optimistic since then.

I wonder if it's the same video you're referring to. Here's the link (click on the one entitled "Adam's Assessment".)

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kingofps3  +   2985d ago
:) More goodies
Could this be a brand new Naruto for the PS3. I certainly hope so (fingers crossed).

By and during E307, PS3 game line is gonna get packed like atoms in solids.
Lord Anubis  +   2985d ago
like the .hack series especially what they did with the first series. I would like to see "the world" become a realization to do the game with in the game closer to the original series. I'd hope they would include all the episodes of the original series.
THWIP  +   2985d ago
.hack is an appropriate name for this series...
...because it accurately descibes the capabilities of the developer. There's a very good reason Adam and Morgan featured this series in their "franchises we wish would die" segment. Only weird-ass Japanese gamers dig this crap....and crap is pretty much ALL they like. If it's goofy, quirky, has boobies and violence, and makes no sense whatsoever, it's bound to be a hit in Japan. :o
jerseynets04  +   2985d ago
the .hack series is beast im excited for this. itd only be logical to me at least, for this to be a MMO, the series and anime is based on indeed an MMO

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