Rainbow Six: Vegas PS3 Multiplayer Preview

Tag targets and take out terrorists in sin city as Rainbow Six Vegas heads to the PS3.

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Lord Anubis4190d ago

it looks interesting, I getting interested into buying the game. No fan of the rainbow series. I'm no fan of ubisoft either.

DirtyRat4190d ago

Ubisoft has some cracking games m8, I wasn't a fan of R6 on the PC, but i liked it on 360, and it looks just as good on the PS3

solidt124190d ago

This is the Best Game out know. The Online Multiplayer for this game is perfect so don't kid yourself. I had this game on the 360 and now I have it on the PS3. None of the online games out today can touch this game. I have played Halo 2, Shadowrun, Lost Planet, Resistance, and Gears of War Online and this is the best. I can play for 8 hours strait and it does not get old because no other game does Online better. If you like Playing online regardless if you have a PS3 or a 360 this is a must buy, matter fact don't even waste your time buying any other games for online just get this one and it is all you need. The PS3 version has all the additional map packs (that 360 owners had to pay for) for free. The 360 version and the PS3 version look identical in 720p but the PS3 version looks a little washed in 1080i so play it at 720p but this is the best port I have seen from UBISOFT as of date and the graphics is not what sells this game it is the gameplay.(The PS3 port was rendered in 720p so play it in 720p) The online gameplay is perfect and I wish all online games Played exactly like this game. The single player is good the multiplayer is where this game shines. This game ALSO GIVES OUT THE TROPHIES ON THE PS3 VERSION so that is cool. I give this game a 10 with the best Multiplayer ever made hands down.