New Burnout Paradise Details

Official Plystation Magazine have published a rather interesting preview of Burnout Paradise in their July Issue (007). The preview reveals LOADS of new information regarding features of Burnout Paradise for the PS3. Below is a rundown of what to expect in Paradise.
Paradise City is 70 kilometres square.
No more huge yellow markers directing you where to go, instead players will have to use the on-screen map (which shows the objective but not the route) to find their way.
Introduction of a handbrake.
The Playstation Eye or Eyetoy will be used to capture a picture of the opponent you just took down and also to capture your image as you take them down.

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MK_Red4191d ago

Kool new features but REPAIR shops!? In Burnout? While all this is great news, I hope they dont make it more multiplayer MMO focused. Also, hopefully they add split screen multi player this time.

kingofps34191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

The series is becoming more like the Need For Speed series. The constant fast paced driving action could hurt from this revision.

"There will be shops and services placed around Paradise City.

* Petrol Stations to refill boost.
* Body Shop to repair damage.
* Paint Shop to change car colour."

So, drive till there slowly k. Then where'S the SPEEEEEEEDD!??

MK_Red4191d ago

If you look at first teaser trailer, you see that game is still as fast as it was. And if Paradise is following a game, its Test Drive Unlimited with this whole new city and MMO feel.
But I kinda agree that the direction the game is going is kinda risky, hope it turns out really good during E3.