Killzone 2 Beta Ready?

The official Playstation forums are all abuzz with news that a Killzone beta may be prepping to launch in Europe.

According to poster Evil v2, he received a message from Killzone_Beta on his Playstation 3 asking him if he'd like to be involved in the network beta for the game when it launches. The message is signed Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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wildcat4186d ago

Why the hell did he wait until the end to ZOOM IN?

fenderputty4186d ago

I was thinking the same thing the whole time.

It would make sense that this game's beta would be in Europe first though. Being that GG is a dutch based dev and all. I'm extremely anxious for this game. I have high hopes and think Sony will deliver. There's just so much fanboyism and hype regarding this game that Sony stands to face a major lashing from the community if they fail.

The KEN KUTARAGI4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I should have thought of this!
Create a Username "Killzone_Beta" and send a message to my friend asking him if he'd be interested in the Killzone 2 beta.
Creat all kinds of buzz until someone exposes it as a hoax...
Very original.

JsonHenry4186d ago

I want this game to kick so much arse they run out of arse and have to start kicking puppies instead... but I think we are going to hear a collective moan when this game is finally revealed for what it is.

But here is to hoping all this great power the PS3 is supposed to have is finally revealed.

Shadow Flare4186d ago

we europeans don't get so shafted after all!

CrazzyMan4186d ago

But i am not sure, is 1 month will be enough for developers to adjust all changes to the final MP game.
Anyway, it`s becoming Hot here.. =))

Violater4186d ago

I'm calling fake on this one.

fenderputty4186d ago

Still ... all this news is starting to get things warmed up for the 11th.

Omegasyde4186d ago

Ditto. They would of had sign up on the internet.

Seraphim4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I've seen a few different people with this now today. So I doubt it's fake. Not saying it isn't or can't be but it seems real to me. Another instance had this sent to his in box, not from a friend. I really didn't pay much attention to the video here though so I don't know how it was received in this particular instance... Also coming from NA gamers on their NA account...

My gripe is why the hell didn't I get an invite? I've beta tested every single Killzone they've made so far and I didn't get an invite for this one? What gives!?

MK_Red4186d ago

I know its sounds unlikely but it was posted on (David Jaffe's favorite site) so I think it deserves a bit attention, specially with news about Killzone 2 coming sooner than expected.

fenderputty4186d ago

More then just one person has reported getting an invite. It has yet to be confirmed but, apparently this rumor might have more clout then people think.

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The story is too old to be commented.