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Submitted by kingboy 3145d ago | news

Xbox 360-fatal crashing bug in Forza 2?

A forum thread at regarding Xbox 360 crashes due to Forza Motorsport 2 has over 895 replies

A certain thread in the Forza Motorsport 2 forums that's already reached a whopping 60 pages, and it's all about the random glitching, crashing and overall just weird behavior of the game while it's being played. While a few bugs and crashes can be chalked up to a careless glitch, there's even a few reports of the game actually causing owners' 360s to contract the all-too-horrifying red ring of death - which means that there's something not quite right with Forza 2. Let's dig a bit deeper to see what the posters are actually going through. (Forza Motorsport 2, Xbox 360)

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Boink  +   3145d ago
it will likely be flamebait, but news is news...
SDS Gamerfiend  +   3145d ago
Of course this is, look at who posted this story! Ms. Queenboy! I have Forza and haven`t had any problems. And I am currently up to level 40.
Kyur4ThePain  +   3145d ago
It doesn't matter who posted the story here. Jesus, it's in the Forza forums!!!
Wait, let me guess....those are all Fony fanboys posting, right?

Here, go look for yourself - the link is in the story.
DEIx15x8  +   3145d ago
How is that forum alive? I said Forza2 killed my 360 and got a few replies saying software can't harm hardware (obviously people that have never heard of viruses) and then MSFT deleted the thread.

Edit: Now i see why, the forums don't sensor complaints like the official Xbox forums seem to do.
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JasonXE  +   3144d ago
2 things to add is
that my 360 received the rrod while playing forza 2. The only glitch i know is joining online games freezes once in a blue moon.
G_CodeMonkey  +   3145d ago
Played it since launch, zero crashes (of system -- numerous crashes into walls)
Sorry, just seems a little suspicious.. I'd like to see gamertags of all these alleged victims. Not saying it isn't happening, but I have many hours of Forza with no problems (on two of my 360s). gCM
Phlapp  +   3144d ago
I've also had it since launch.
I have had a few crashes but nothing more than I get with most other games on the 360.

The one that's really bugging me is the Steering wheel glitch, where the wheel seems to do random button presses on its own. The most annoying of these is bringing up the dashboard in the middle of a race.

No one can confirm whether its a Forza glitch or a wheel glitch, but the Forza and MS forums are full of these complaints.

This is the problem! I love this game so much and with the wheel it can be a realistic experience like I have never had out of a home console before. I just wished they would be a bit more forward in admitting when these glitches appear.
XxZxX  +   3145d ago
Well Warhawk did that alot too except Warhawk is a beta.. I guess forza is just paid beta
gapzi11a  +   3145d ago
Enough already!
Here we go again with these silly claims. This crap has been started about nearly every high profile game on the 360 to date. I remember hearing that GRAW and Dead Rising had a fatal flaws that were frying consoles. I've never experienced any problems with any of these console killing games. It's faulty hardware that's bricking systems, not software.
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tehcellownu  +   3145d ago
Guitar Hero II gears of war and now forza 2 this is gettin out of are brickin 360s..oh well not my 61 pages..this is insane..
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Mr_Kuwabara  +   3145d ago
I'm scared to buy a 360 and literally explode like one dude reported.
I just wanna play a game not burn my house. I think the record of the 360 repairs was 12 for that guy. (The one were it blew up was one of them, don't ask me how)
Marona  +   3145d ago
Wouldn't an update fix it for those who have it? I don't see what all the flaming here is about... Atleast be respectful abit to each other? :/ ...
DEIx15x8  +   3145d ago
A game update won't fix my console!
MoonDust  +   3145d ago
The game freezes, it doesn't break the console.
Marona  +   3145d ago
I'd take it some people just read the title and post without even reading anything else...? :/
DEIx15x8  +   3145d ago
The game caused weird graphical glitches that led to the full death of all graphical output. No red lights and normal start, even logging into Live but no more video.
pwnsause  +   3145d ago
wow, weres Bill when you need him most to make fun of this
PSTripleOG  +   3145d ago
Unlucky xbots, your so called gran turismo beater is now all Fuked up hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaa hahahahamooooooooooohehehehehe h ehe! HA!

(Edit) @the twat below, Getting worried xbot, i would hahahahaha Your 180 is becoming worse everyday, it has the Software but not the hardware. And my PS3 has great games twat. The only thing that sucks is miroshaft's attitude twat hahahahaha Dumb kid.
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360_Rules  +   3145d ago
You should shut up and go play your great PS3 games! Oh wait I forgot PS3 games suck! Hahahahhahhahahhahahahahahahha hahaha.

(Edit) @the Tool above me is that why the PS3 sales are crap because the PS3 has great games! Go back to playing Gundam. Hahahhahhahahhahha
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Bathyj  +   3145d ago
Overheating, updates, games. Is there anything that cant kill you 360?

No wonder I hardly play it any more. I'm scared to turn the FCKR on.
MoonDust  +   3145d ago
The Ps3
bow chicka wa wa
High Five! No? :(
power of Green  +   3145d ago
Never had a problem Hmmm... Sony fanboys posting more news about a console they hate with a passion.

Its amazing Its like Sony fans are on standby ready for 360 news matter of fact they seem more involved with the 360 than the PS3 now WOW PS3 fanboys looking for 360 news more than PS3 news and the PS3 news they do post is average BULLSHIT thats hyped up; yet the hype isn't justified by the actaul news.

All they're doing is looking for forum quality horror stories and posting this sh*t as news they're angry and spiteful due to Malice, envy and pure hate.

The closer we get to E3 without MS boasting what they got the more you'll hear this sh*t from Sony fanatics the bigger the gap gets between the 360 and PS3 the more we'll see this fud posted even if they think sony will get pushed around; the more they'll post this sh*t.

They think Sony should be ontop by pedigree alone and not what the PS3 actually offers in service, software and price point or useful tech that the masses can use or be willing to ay for. In their minds this either comforts them in their choice or they think they can make a difference despite the average consumer being much smarter than the PS1 days and eairly PS2 days.
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NewZealander  +   3145d ago
we all know that if an official statement saying the 360 was graphically weaker then the ps3 came out all this negitive hateing from the sony camp would stop, because they would feel justified and wouldnt need to defend their console anymore, but thats not going to happen is it?
so expect to see 360 obsessed ps3 fanboys like Queenboy digging up rubbish and makeing up fake statistics to continue

no problems with forza here
or my console for that matter, but hey sony fans keep digging up duplicate storys of BS storys, your contrebution matters!....not
kewlkat007  +   3145d ago
Just look at the Posts on here already...what a shame.


can we say continue..
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THWIP  +   3145d ago
Anyone who believes this, is a f@cking moron.

1.) This isn't PC gaming, where they have a near infinite # of configs to dev for, and therefore can't test for many bugs.

2.) MS imposes strict testing standards on ALL games, prior to releasing (PDZ aside ;) ). It's impossible for a hardware-crippling bug to pass that process.

3.) Every disc is burned with the SAME EXACT CODE, and created for the SAME EXACT HARDWARE. If a game were capable of bricking one console, IT WOULD BRICK THEM ALL.

Get a f#cking clue, you idiots. :o

* Edit- Whoever disagreed with me, is clearly the biggest moron of all.
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pwnsause  +   3145d ago
so why is there a forum dedicated to this

seriously dont Deny yourself, it happens
THWIP  +   3145d ago
The same reason this forum exists....
There are a lot of morons out there, that like to post stupid BS. THAT is what I'm referring to. Look at the quote below, taken from the first paragraph of this "story":

"...there's even a few reports of the game actually causing owners' 360s to contract the all-too-horrifying red ring of death..."

Yes, a game can happens all the time, and they ALWAYS get patched. What I'm saying is, if you believe a console GAME can brick a CONSOLE...and do so SELECTIVELY, AT THAT..., you're in need of a brain transplant.

*Edit: vvvv Gentlemen, I give you Mr_Kuwabara...Lord of the Idiots. :o

**Edit: Follow the link below for an online petition created in the same Forza 2 forums (note, only 3 sigs thus far). Also, if you look through the 62 pages of the discussion thread (with 917 posts), you'll a lot of the same people have been posting in the thread. This is not a hardware issue,'s barely a software issue. Oblivion was GOTY, and swept most other awards, yet had the same type of issues (on PC as well). The PS3 has had it's share of software issues as well, and both consoles will continue to do so, as it's a common problem in this industry. If there's never a patch issued, then this would be news; but so far, there's not been a single problematic 360 game that hasn't been patched (some problem-free games got patches for unexplained reasons even). Only desperate Sony drones...or just complete morons... will view this any other way.

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Drew  +   3145d ago
I've been playing Forza non-stop for the past week with no problems at all. No slowdown, no hangs, no crashes. Smooth as butter.
Boink  +   3145d ago
I didn't like approving it either(not because it's news against the 360, but just because we know what the immature fanboys here will do, and that goes for both sides), but it's made enough of a stir to cause an uproar at the forza site, and it's made news @ kotaku. so those who wish to turn it into another flaming article, feel free, they are your bubbles to lose.

on a side note, I wonder how well the 360 would be doing without the bad press of the 3 ROD issue? scary...
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InMyOpinion  +   3145d ago
I've never had any problems with Forza 2. The ONLY game that has frozen up on me is Oblivion, and that had to do with the programming of the game. Desperate "news".
FFVIIFan  +   3145d ago
I haven't played it too much yet, but
I haven't had any problems with Forza 2.
360_Rules  +   3145d ago
I've been playing for a month not one problem. It's a bunch of Sony tools spreading lies again. Hahahahha
sledgey  +   3145d ago
Check out the HOTSPOT podcast
I don't have Forza 2 (I play DIRT!), but there is a segment in the latest Gamespot podcast that mentions that there is a "freezing" issue with the game while trying to view online leaderboards.Check it out
weekapaugh  +   3145d ago
reason #1,256 not to buy an xbox 30%
Mr_Kuwabara  +   3145d ago
@THWIP Don't make excuses
You can't deny all of those people that have those problems. I mean it's a freaking loyal Forza forum were fans post. You're not going to waste your life posting on a board from a game that you don't like or whatever just to cause chaos, you're there to speak your mind about the game. And a bug/glitch from a system if powerful enough; is capable of damaging your hardware, the same of a strong bug damaging your PC.

Don't tell me that you don't believe the reports of 360's Red rings now........
kingofps3  +   3145d ago
MS step up and speak
Can people still deny any hardware/software tie-in failures with the 360? This problem really really seems to be a pandemic.

I truly feel sorry for those gamers.
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paracardium  +   3145d ago
very very bad
How can people still claim this cheap system is superior when all it does is breakdown. I wonder what the actual number of 360's are sold with average person turning it in at least 2-3 times. It adds up.
nextgengaming18  +   3145d ago
So epic
That topic had .5 % of the total posts and 20% of the sub forum. That is one truly epic topic.
macalatus  +   3145d ago
When it comes to Gran Turismo vs Forza...
...I gotta hand it out to you guys. The game's car damage and physics are so realistic that it even the console crashes along with it. (Sorry, I can't help...the words in the title and the "ring of death" thing are just begging to be "word played")
akaFullMetal  +   3145d ago
well if its in the forza forums
it has to be somewhat true, cant be 61 pages of sony fan boys writing about a game they dont like, and having to find the actually website of the game to complain about it. It's to bad that theirs a problem with this game, and its to bad for the gamers that have the problem, but id rather have gt anyways, so im not worried about it
mauinho  +   3145d ago
lol check this vid... forza is fine at least on my launch 360 neva had any probs apart from the ocasional freezing in GoW!!! peace...
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JOLLY1  +   3145d ago
Well I for one have had problems
You can check out all my past submissions to see I'm not a ps3 fan. It's weird, sometimes my fans just stop working (only when playing Forza). If I don't restart it and keep playing, every once in a while the track turns black. I haven't received the r^2 (that's r to the 2nd power (aka red ring of death)). My unit is a day one 360 and have never had a problem. It makes me nervous, but I have the 2 year warranty. I love Forza and if it kills my 360, it is totally worth it!
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sandip787  +   3145d ago
i guess this is why GT doesnt have crashes ingame while forza does!
megamold  +   3145d ago
if you are afraid to play your console cause it will brick then you are a
just play the damn console and act like a f*cking man instead of having pantyfights over wich one you like best, your like a bunch of toddlers arguing who has the coolest sandcastle
that goes for the ps3 & the 360 owners
gogators  +   3145d ago
very well said. A lot of people need grow up.
FeralPhoenix  +   3145d ago
-Damm, the bar is getting even lower for flamebait material.....
Well I don't doubt that Forza2 may freeze or cause some error's for some 360 owners. Although I've been playing the game alot and I have never seen 1 problem on my 360 or any friends either, I guess we'll have to wait for more info to see how widespread the problem is. What I don't understand is why the 360 itself is to blame for Forza2 buggs/problems/crashes? If you actually go to the forums and read some comments many gamers said they never had a problem with other games before, and some admit they have had similiar problems with other games. I mean that sounds like a software problem to me, which happens from time to time with some games, if I'm not mistaken some PS3 games have had issues that were later fixed with a patch too, and even some firmware updates etc. have caused problems on both consoles, this is definitely not a new "OMG" problem, so hopefully they will fix the issues just like they have done in the past. I think it just comes with the territory when you start dealing with this new more advanced consoles mixed with online functionality. This doesn't mean either console is the problem or that its a bad game it just means these are the growing pains of todays next gen games the good news is most of the time its fixable which is good and bad news if dev's start to rely on patches too much unlike the last gen when basicly once it went gold and shipped that was it.
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