Gaming's Morale Influx: You Mean I Have to Think Before I Shoot? takes a look into the evolution of morality in games.

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BlackZer04190d ago

Morality is what many politicians don't understand. Rather than realize that you are playing based on YOUR CHOICES they instead complain about the CONSEQUENSES of your actions. If its a consequense, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it, that's common sense. Hopefully more people read this, and it moves through the net. It'll shed more light on the "senseless violence" of video games.
Ironic too, since poiticians are the moral backbone that represent the people O_o

xlxNAMELESSxlx4189d ago

Blackzero. People don't realize that all games aren't go around with a shotgun and shoot people in the face. There are games that give you the choice of right and wrong, and frankly those are some of the best games i've ever played. They are rich in content and have better stories than i've seen in any movie lately. These in my opinion are the high point of gaming. Which include...KOTOR..Jade Empire..Oblivion..and i'm looking forward to many more!