Top 5 Xbox 360 Fails

Like any other game console, the Xbox 360 has had its successes and its failures, but some of its failures have just been unforgivable. This article expands on some of its greatest failures, and is meant to pair with Top 5 Takedown's previous article, "Top 5 PS3 Fails", because both consoles deserve some scrutiny by the public that both hates and loves them.

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Cmen2915d ago

PS3 Fan boys are going to be all over this and I'm going to have like 50 disagrees.

WildArmed2914d ago

this article is just as a big as fail as the 'top 5 ps3 fails'

Now I'mma go make a list called;
Top 5 Journalism fails..
and my no. 1 and no. 2 spots have already been decided ;)

qface642914d ago

they made a top 5 ps3 fails now they made a 360 one expect to see a wii one up as well
so i don't see what the big deal is?

mal_tez922914d ago

This is a bunch of fanboys bagging out a gaming system because they have nothing better to do than troll people on the internet.

This and the equivalent PS3 articles are the most useless pages on the entire internet. Even more useless than

Saaking2914d ago

Just 5? Not enough imo. I guess they could list more, but they'd run out of space.

qface642914d ago

to be honest with you nothing gaming related is considered real journalism

gaming journalism is a joke

SilentNegotiator2914d ago

If I tried listing them all, I'd probably run out of internet.

execution172914d ago

wheres the overpriced peripherals?

hakeem09962914d ago

5- why would they support a rival,that's just stupid .Not supporting HD-DVD was the real failure .if MS had installed HD-DVD drives in the 360, Bluray would have died bcz they had the upper hand .

4-no one cares about internet browser on a game console.I got a PS3 and i only used that crap ounce .it was terrible.I need games period

3-Both the Eyetoy and the 360 vision cam are failures.You're in the movies wasn't a major realease it was casual gaming crap,not important enough to even be a major failures .JUST STUPID

2-I dont Mind Paying for GOOD service.I got BOTH a 360 and a PS3 and guess what i love my 360 more even with the 50 dollars membership.PSN SUCKS until that change i don't mind paying.

1 I agree 100%

NotSoSilentBob2914d ago

hakeem Don't forget that Microsoft knows how to write code for an internet browser. Depending on how you look at it Internet explorer is a decent browser but I guess MS didn't/doesn't put it on the 360 because of all the Security holes in it. I'm sure they could make a great browser for the 360 but I doubt they will because they will have to give it out for free.

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wazzim2914d ago

and it's time to bash the 360?

Even as a Sony fan, I am against this because it's as stupid as all the sony bashing.

Really, what the heck is wrong with those journalists?

Biggest2914d ago

But it feels soooooo good to laugh at a machine. Especially when they cry. It makes me a cooler person because now those stupid machines know who's boss. Yeah!

ArcFatalix2914d ago

earlier by this site stop ur conspiracy theory.

WildArmed2913d ago

nah your just ignorant.
Both consoles are getting equal bashing coz they generate equally great hits.

playstation1232914d ago

Of course its a last gen console.

Model2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

features of XBOX 360:

1.Games - Last gen
2.Online - Monthly fees,lags = last gen
3.DVD - Are you kidding ?
4.RROD - ;)
5.Design - last gen and ugly
6.Controller - absolutely horrible AA battery brick= last gen
7.Natal = Eyetoy = last gen

AliC2914d ago

Just as lame as the PS3 the other day, this kind of crap doesn't belong on N4G.

gamer992914d ago

is that guy in your avatar you? sounds like it.

phantomshadow2914d ago

Are you kidding? These types of articles are what make up the daily cesspool that is N4G. There has never been a single day in which I log into N4G to get some news, where half the stories aren't pure garbage and shouldn't even have been posted on the interent. N4G is just a breeding ground for this type of stuff, because any idiot can post an "article" and then have his idiot friends bump it all the way to the top of the page.

As for the article, it's just your varied list of crap which has been said for a long long time. These kind of lists can be easily flipped for the Wii or PS3, and I don't know why people still waste time writing and reading them. That's N4G for you though. If there is something out there which can be trashed on gaming wise, you better believe N4G is going to have some sort of article on it.

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