Folklore Game Intro

The main character prepares for a journey to explain the existence of the spiritual realm.

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Torch4192d ago

Because that trailer looked hot diggety!

Ebay3rd4192d ago

Thinkn its opening scene for game but whatever it is , its hot and I will have this game ....

boi4192d ago

i so want this game now...goin to buy it overseas instead hehe cant wait

Sevir044191d ago

That is the opening scene when Keats is talking about the town of lemmerik... it's CGI but the actual gameplay graphics arent to far from that. it's sense of realism is amazing especially when in lemmerick. but it gets better when you see how the ps3 shuts those xbox fanboy Naysayers about ps3 can even do games with bright vivid colors, because bla bla bla... when you journey to the netherworld and see what i mean. the in game characters look splendid. i'm even going to say that this game looks better than NGS. just to let you know this week Folksoul sold more that eternal sonata. even though the movies are in english the game is still texted in japanese, and if you could read it then import it from play but if you cant wait till october. i'll probably get the englinsh version in the states because even though i can speak a little japanese and read a little, it's very time consuming trying to decifer the text... i'm an english speaker after all. lol!!! but yeah this game is a definate go getter. and if you've played the demo it's an early indecation of greatness