Deadly Premonition is THE greatest game ever made

Deadly Premonition released yesterday, although if you weren't reading Destructoid, you wouldn't have known. The budget horror game launched with no fanfare, and I had to actually get my copy from under the counter at my local GameStop, because nobody thought to put it on the store shelf.

This, dear friends, is a crime.

Deadly Premonition is absolutely amazing, and to prove it, I present to you the greatest cutscene in videogame history. There is too much brilliance to list. The music, the contrived nature of the comedy, the facial expressions, the fact that the woman explains how a town clock works; just everything about it is perfect. Oh, and the sound on the video is not screwed up. The music actually is too loud, and that bit where the woman's voice is barely audible is part of the game. That's how fantastic this title is!

Our review will come as soon as it's been completed, but we kind of never want it to end.

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UP3216d ago

one of the funniest cutscenes of all time. And the music is awesome especially when it i got so loud you could not even hear the characters. F K IS IN THE COFFEE, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

Alcon Caper3216d ago

Ah, I see. This game was SUPPOSED to be bad. Instant Cult Classic!

UP3216d ago

It is pretty much a joke game.
And apparently is is available on the ps3 in japan(in English!). I would rent this game to get the achievements and a couple laughs.

Bnet3433216d ago

lol this game looks so bad, but it is a $20 low-budget title so can't really attack the game too much.

-Alpha3216d ago

Like Big Rigs, considered the worst game of all time, this could end up having people buy it just to see how bad it actually is. It's genius, I tell you!

Alcon Caper3216d ago

resident evil one had that sort of status back in the day...although it wasn't nearly as bad...

ico923216d ago

"Polly, it might help to hear you better if you moved a litle closer."

"Oh my Mr Morgan you're embarassing me. So early in the day too I think im a little to old for you, And i still love my departed husband, god bless his soul, I appreciate the invitation but i'm fine over here."

and this is supposed to be a survival horror ? lol but i think we can all agree on one thing...the music was epic!

thewhoopimen3216d ago

That video is hilarious! It's so bad that I actually like it. That music drown out is exactly happens when I have to listen to my gf blabber on and on hahah. Wish i could pull a smoke out too and just puff on it while my mind wanders.

badz1493216d ago

it's so bad, it's hilariously!! OMG, the music, the whistling sounds, they are bugging me inside my head now!! arghh...

darthv723216d ago

I wanted to gouge out my eyes watching that. Yet...I couldnt look away. WTF?

This is a real game and like others have said, it must have just been a real quick thrown together joke game. Should have been a live indie game instead of retail release just from the look of it.

Sub4Dis3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Kinda reminds me of the dialogue and voice acting in Final Fantasy 10. even a similar type of music plays while it's going on.

pimpmaster3216d ago

the voice acting is so bad its almost good in a way. just to play it for lolz. it reminds you of house of the dead and RE1

callahan093216d ago

Just wondering, but why didn't Ignition release the PS3 version in North America? The developers made it for both systems, but they only localized the 360 version. Doesn't really make sense to me. Hmmm...

vickers5003216d ago

Someone post an mp3 of that music now! I must have it!

aaron58293216d ago

This is one of the very few games that make me wanna buy an xbox360 !

Seriously !!

Screw alan wake !! Deadly Premonition... i'm gonna go get it .. like... NOWWW !!

ChrisW3216d ago

Hmmm... it's not an exclusive 360 title. I think you guys might want to see this.

SilentNegotiator3216d ago

Press "A" to commit suicide.

Hurry now, you've only got 20 seconds.

FamilyGuy3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

M$ actually approved of the release of this game on their platform!? Did they even look at it?

Okay, that 2/10 review from yesterday is making ALOT of sense now but the fact that anyone put this game on the same level as WKCs really annoys me. That game is cliched and very old school but this THIS is an abomination to gaming itself.

I hope the developers are ashamed of themselves or at least did this to TRY and win the title of "Worst Game of all Time".

I can't believe what I just saw o.O

Sony approved of this game too!
Were they in a crack smoking contest when this got by or what? LMAO!!!

Sub4Dis3216d ago

for the worst game of the generation competition. apparently many of you haven't played a little game called Raven Squad.

FACTUAL evidence3216d ago

The site that compared Wii fit to Heavy rain! This is a very credible source! /s

mega BIG time3215d ago

looks pretty retarded, but worth a download

Christopher3215d ago

OMG, they cut out the scene where Polly smacks him aound. You can tell, it's the part where she rolls up her sleeves, then it fades to black and skips ahead to them eating.

MmaFanQc3215d ago

when i saw jim sterling

Marceles3215d ago

why is this video 6 minutes long? lol...i got the message after 5 seconds

mint royale3215d ago

LMAO did they really go from eating outside to eating inside?

Solidus187-SCMilk3215d ago

my favorite part was when he put his lit cigarette back into his pack.

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-Alpha3216d ago

Of the generation. Yo, Uncharted, I'm happy for you, and I'ma let you finish receiving your awards, but Deadly Premonitions is one of the greatest games of ALL TIME!

Lich1203215d ago

Well played alpha... well played indeed.

IrishAssa3216d ago

I can't take it. I will never look at another news item of this again. Even if it is supposed to be bad, it''s just Way to bad, wtf is wrong with his teeth? Wtf is up with the VA.

UP3216d ago

I like how he asks question to her then completely ignores her afterward. Like when he lights his cigarette. AND THE FK IN THE COFFEE.

edoman203216d ago

Only con sh1t crap box plase fixme

But is way better than gaylo RRODST and crapza

ps3hasonlyflopgames3216d ago

lol in damage control above.

btw this game is better than flop rain FACT.

UP3216d ago

above it is a joke game.
you can not compare a joke game with a serious game.

and some joke games have to be owned like big rigs.

kissmeimgreek3216d ago

its also on the ps3 in japan.

Go on.. you know you want to import it to understand the power of this awesome B movie Game.

Gue13216d ago

IGN scored this game with a 2/10 Premonition

in other words. Worse game ever! And only possible you know where... ;p

TheXgamerLive3216d ago

i almost bought it, luckily the game stop employee bought it and said he'd give me his review later, lol.

ChrisW3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

"Did you see that Zach? Clear a cool spring morning. 'F K'... in the coffee. I knew I could count on it."

This here ladies is dialogue at it's finest. And only on the Xbox360...

Ooops! Wait... What's that? It's not an exclusive?

TengkuAmir103216d ago

This game is no exclusive. Unless you count exclusivity as being on both consoles. Flop Rain? Fact? You really are delusional!

-MD-3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

It's a multiplatform game, look at all the intelligent people thinking it's only on 360.

Red Seed Profile is the Japanese title, enjoy looking like fools.

Pumbli3215d ago

ChrisW - I love your avatar, very stylish.

3215d ago
ChrisW3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

We, my brethren, are the Union of Sony Socialist Republics!

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