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Lair Preview - Six Levels Blown Wide Open

Up until now, Lair hasn't been sitting at the top of everyone's Most Anticipated lists beside Metal Gear Solid and Killzone 2. But that, we're willing to bet, is about to change.

Lair's graphical prowess hits you like a bus the moment you start the first level. It has that Factor 5 touch. You leap onto your dragon and launch into the air, and it stuns you with its ultra-high-detail environments that stretch far into the distance for you to gawp at as you soar through the sky on your giant dragon... (Lair, PS3)
Tipsed by: tehcellownu

Update New Lair video:

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TheExecutive  +   3146d ago
Sounds awesome. It seems as though the levels will be diverse enough to scatter out the gameplay; so, even if the gameplay is a little repetitive we should get a little of everything which will make it seem a little more fresh. I think people forget sometimes how the environment of a game can add or subtract from the gameplay. This epic seems to add. I am getting more and more excited about this game as time goes on.
cuco33  +   3146d ago
it's true environments do add to the experience but personally i don't know why this game is getting so much attention... maybe i'm wrong but the game looks to be worse than the suck
DrPirate  +   3146d ago
Oh ok Cuco33, I'll take you opinion seriously because you've played the game to death already and are in a position to make judgements.
ChronoTrigger87  +   3146d ago
This game will shut up the haters
Im pretty sure people are skeptical about the graphics, but if this article proves anything, its that Factor 5 is ready to prove all the haters (gears OWNZ102 lair graphics!@#!@) wrong... dead wrong.
TheExecutive  +   3146d ago
Well... if the graphics for this game come even close to Gears it will be a technical marvel. Remember the environments in this game are somewhere around 32km x 32km with thousands of soldiers onscreen.

My prediction is that this game will be the most technically impressive game on any video game console ever and its a first gen title! Amazing! Imagine a few years down the road.
nextgengaming18  +   3146d ago
The videos on the playstation site
Are gone. The game looked amazing though. Really good, a huge graphic upgrade.
ChronoTrigger87  +   3146d ago
yea man wth happened?
I wanted to view the 10 videos but they weren't there for some reason. Saw the old video, wasn't that impressed. I want to see the new ones, and see the improvments!!!
hikikimori  +   3146d ago
Sounds amazing,,
I hate to bring this in but, do you think frames rates will be;
a) Smooth, and
b) Consistent
????????? If they are, this game will kick A$S!
snoop_dizzle  +   3146d ago
i loved
the rogue squadron series so i think ill love this game. :)
Maddens Raiders  +   3146d ago
I don't know hikikimori -
...but if the opening sounds like this from CVG:

-- "Lair's graphical prowess hits you like a bus the moment you start the first level. It has that Factor 5 touch. You leap onto your dragon and launch into the air, and it stuns you with its ultra-high-detail environments that stretch far into the distance for you to gawp at as you soar through the sky on your giant dragon..." --

I'll be glad to find out about the frame rates

a.)Smooth, and

...later on in subsequent levels. 8P Now where's my damn dragon?lol
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Rhezin  +   3146d ago
looks pretty cool, wish it would come to 360, but never will. Lotta innovative games for ps3 this year, wow.
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   3146d ago
Finally someone who is really objective
Bubbles for you sir !
PS360PCROCKS  +   3146d ago
Ha! I love you Fcator 5 gimme gimme gimme
PS360PCROCKS  +   3146d ago
Ha! I love you Factor 5 gimme gimme gimme
Torch  +   3146d ago
CVG's response to this game couldn't be more positive
Their undeniable enthusiasm now has me even more interested in checking out this game.
peksi  +   3146d ago
Yea, especially when their online magazine has been practically synonym to xbox magazine. And now this.
drtysouf21  +   3146d ago
Can't wait for this one! Can't wait for E3 to get more info on it.
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Ebay3rd  +   3146d ago
This game has alot of potential , and looks great so I will buy it even if its sucks as bad as Nintendo's origonal Karate Kid...(if you don't know that game really sucks)
Snake_Doctor  +   3146d ago
Just got bumped up on my wish list
icanhasdemo plz?
SIX  +   3146d ago
This game looks awesome..........
Detailed textures @ 1080p...... Didn't a certain company say that this would almost be impossible? oops!!!

BTW, I was looking at the back of the box for the game the Darkness and noticed that it also supposrts 1080p. Is that right?
Maddens Raiders  +   3146d ago
Yes -
that is correct. I picked it up yesterday and it looks great. I love how you can just find an old TV in the game and change the channels and just screw around watching a movie in the game ~ I dunno it tickles me fancy.

Just picked up Transformers (1080p) and R6V (1080i) today, so although not ALL the games are of 1080P, liquid crystal quality, the devs are making a good effort at getting these out imho. btw - the Darkness is insane.
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Violater  +   3146d ago
@ Maddens
The darkness was on my list then I heard the Ps3 version wasn't as good as the other. Sounded like poor dev work.
I have also noticed that a lot of the sites only review the 360 version.
So I have put that purchase on hold to get Vegas
Kleptic  +   3146d ago
Is the darkness 1080p for both consoles? If so it no longer matters what MS said about it not being able to be done, being that it was even done on their own system...

but for the record, I believe what MS was referring to was 1080p with realtime character shadowing and 60fps...The only game so far to do that is Sigma...

Lair looks awesome though...I have been excited about this since September last year...The fire back then looked like crap run over twice...but the water and environments always looked pretty good...they have apperantly fixed a lot since that alpha stage (all we had seen until about a month ago...and those videos are now off the underground site for some reason)...

Personally though I really hope it has all rendered in game cut scenes...The original trailer always looked good, but was obviously not a target render (just a full blown HD CGI video)...and some of the videos that popped up today look like the same HD stuff...MGS has completely turned me away from is so much more fluid and natural to have a scene on the in game engine...FF still does it well, but that is the only game left that I like it in...

I kind of doubt it will happen...but some "semi official" sources claimed that we would have a Lair demo by the end of June...that leaves just this thursday to get it out to make it in June...but if they are following the Resistance way of releasing online stuff, we won't see it until the game is released...
Maddens Raiders  +   3146d ago
Violater -
- ... I would highly recommend picking up "the Darkness" dude, and I don't give the recommendations lightly. Believe me, you won't be disappointed with this one. Very cool comic and game to boot.

-- "the 360 and PS3 versions look identical, but the PS3 version has more video content for the TV's in the game. So, basically you can sit down and watch a whole TV show instead of short clips...." --

Let me know what you think brother. cheers
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ps3gogetitt  +   3146d ago
I am now interested
Becuase the preview is coming from an unbias source..... Bring it on factor 5, looking forward to it now
Watkins  +   3146d ago
I really am getting this, wow. So many games, so little money (and time).
SIX  +   3146d ago
I doubt that the 360 version is 1080p since 1080p cannot be outputted unless you have hdmi, but yeah. I agree that I wish the ingame graphics where as good as the CG cut scenes.
JOLLY1  +   3146d ago
That's odd
My 360 outputs @ 1080P through......Hdmi.....Vga....a nd wait for it.....wait for it......Component. I think you either have a faulty 360, don't know too much about the 360 you own, or (and this is a big or) you don't own one!

How the crap did I get a disagree? That's funny! I didn't write anything you could disagree with.
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Satanas  +   3146d ago
JOLLY1 is right, you can output 1080p via component on both the 360 and PS3, it's just a matter of most 360 games not supporting it.
IBLEEDBLU  +   3146d ago
this game looks AMAZING!!!!!!

honestly first year title and it simply BLOWS anything on any other console...where are the xbots now? LOL! i told u..its funny how they run their mouths when they hear something neg or a pic doesnt look as shape but when the facts are shown in true form they all vanish...wonder y that is lol

i would like any bot 2 show anything on the 360 that even comes close to this - and i hope u bots arent gonna be dumb and post a pic of gears or mass effect because that will be hilarious
Honeal2g  +   3146d ago
lair looks sick but ..
if sigma didnt moveconsoles in japan i dont think this will be any different and i agree this blows away any game to date but... it only appeals to certain ppl imo, i would definetly brag to my friends about it .but i wouldnt buy it. kinda like the darkness i think its hot but not worth buying definetly a rental tho.
ps3gogetitt  +   3146d ago
Well don't go that far
This is just a preview and even though I am a ps3 fan, it doesn't look as good as gears yet.....honestly but i believe the finished product would, but gears still has the crown until the game is actually released...
THE_JUDGE  +   3146d ago
This title is still high on my must have list...
It sort of fell of the radar for a bit because all we've seen in screen shots and no actual new info for it. I can't wait to play it now. I think it comes out around my b-day. That would be a great freaking present!!
VirusE  +   3146d ago
This is a must own game, i cant wait!
Huddymonster  +   3146d ago
If this game is going to have great graphics along with gameplay that you know factor 5 is going to deliver on then why would it not be a must have.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3146d ago
Is this the best looking game the PS3 has to offer?
It's a shame realy, hey lets go fly some last gen dragons. LOL and you guys have been waiting on htis all year. I wonder what will your reaction be if this game scores 6s and 7s?
Azures  +   3146d ago
gj troll. if only a 360 game could look this good...

can't wait for killzone 2 to hit the scene in a couple weeks.
Bathyj  +   3146d ago
Well it looks better than Gears of Wars tiny little environments and has about 20 times the amount of action going on too.
Isnt that enough to impress you? If not, I hope you never get wowed or enjoy a game again you poser.
Maddens Raiders  +   3146d ago
I'm still giddy with anticipation today -
after reading this CVG preview. I mean I wasn't really even that hyped about it but now....after this.....

-- "You fly to the gates where there awaits an army of literally thousands of little men. Not hundreds, thousands - stretching into the far distance. Granted, it seems the closer ones, the first couple of hundred maybe, are the most animated, while the rest follow a slightly less detailed pattern of movement. But come on, guys - there are thousands of men on the screen. It looks amazing!" --

repeat.... "there are thousands of men on the screen..."


repeat.... "there are thousands of men on the screen..."

Now I really, really , really want to know what Guerilla has done w/ KILLZONE, good lord. Don't you?

btw - what is the exact release date for Lair?

August 7. Thanks Exec!
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TheExecutive  +   3146d ago
August 7th
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3146d ago
Should be a Graphical Juggernaut...................
Can't wait! (`<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :0
Anything but Cute  +   3146d ago
I'll take Lair over Bioshock
I would go with Lair over anything on XBOX 360. The game looks badass, dragons look all full of scales. It's got better graphics than Halo 3. And I'm a fan of medievil style era's. Been waiting for this one for a while.
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Ps3ShellShock  +   3146d ago
jason why do u even bother?
honestly "It's a shame realy, hey lets go fly some last gen dragons. LOL and you guys have been waiting on htis all year. I wonder what will your reaction be if this game scores 6s and 7s?"

this clearly isnt the best that PS3 has to offer but it is impresive. its a first year title for the PS3. i personally think as of rite now it beats everything on the 360 - even gears. gears is very small - not much taking place on screen. lair in the other hand is huge - to have that much detail and have 3,000 soliders on ground and that u can land and take off without any load times is amazing.

i truly dont like dragons but i will end up buying this game for the fact it promises to be a true epic game.

so i really dont understand why you must come on here and make yourself look dumb but your stupid comment.

back to the game. the new videos look 20X better then previous videos and just look amazing. the sixis control will come in handy and glad to see games like these take advantage of it.

will it make ppl run out and buy a PS3 maybe not. but just like NGS did in sales there was a 8% increase and im sure there will be the same push with these game and since it will be closer to the release of home and heavenlysword i think the push will be abit higher
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   3146d ago
I agree
Great Post
CrazzyMan  +   3146d ago
This game definatelty will make ps3 worth it`s money =)
Just like NGS, HS, Uncharted, FFXIII, Ratchet, Warhawk, GT5, KZ2 and other.
And this is greatl! =)
Looking forward to play this game... Epic experience is guaranteed for me. =))

p.s. anyone to help return my 5th bubble back? thnx. =)
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   3146d ago
I Admit
Untill this review I was losing hope in this title, this is the second, I repeat Second review where they said this is and Epic title, C'mon, you can't refute the results. The only way to see if its really true, is to play it yourself.

And trust Me I WILL !
Satanas  +   3146d ago
You know, I've always wanted a pet dragon.

Good to see that this game is being positively previewed, makes me feel a little easier about my impulsive preorder.
Bathyj  +   3146d ago
This is why I'm getting a 1080p. Games like this. I didn't know Darkness was 1080p. Nice. I'm glad I'm waiting for the PS3 version.
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