Halo themed Forza Cars: Winners

Bungie Announce the winners of their Halo themed Forza car contest.

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PS360PCROCKS3590d ago

My god some people are insanely talented...I am good at drawing and I find it hard to make a Famous Stars And Straps Logo

SDS Overfiend3590d ago

I Cannot see how you upload a picture on a car. There is no optoins for it whatsoever. I know dudes be photoshopping thier whips after the upload the pics to Im not stupid.

MoonDust3590d ago

That is truly incredible.

MaximusPrime3590d ago

in official playstation forum, one guy posted his picture of a car with playstation HOME logo. Looks nice....

Auron3590d ago

Tho I would like to see some Dr. Pepper cars too.

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The story is too old to be commented.