Mass Effect pulled from "coming soon" section on

Also missing from ' Also in the works'. What might this mean? ...

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360Sheep3890d ago

interesting... the plot thickens

JsonHenry3890d ago

I don't care what platform this game comes out on. Whatever it comes out on I already own, or will buy JUST to play this game.

rusgreim3890d ago

Its a MS exclusive. Its being developed in conjunction with Microsoft Games studios.

Its still listed on if you search for it.

The fact they bumped it off the list can mean anything or most likely nothing, but it surely isn't going multiplatform as Sony FanFags would dream.

nextgengaming183890d ago

which is the biggest possibility.

Marceles3890d ago

If it's means i dont want to hear anymore BS from Xbots about the PS3 being the only system that has games delayed.

Husso3890d ago

i think you are confused, its you xbot turds that wont PS3 games. PS3 owners dont give a rats ass about the crap on 360.

MGS to FF13 to... you fools can dream.

PS3n3603890d ago

if you dont give a rats a$$ why are you posting on this article? Obviously you are dreaming of real games not stale old farts in spandex with a mullet creeping around like a geriatric homo stalker.

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ps3gogetitt3890d ago

by MS to get fanboys talking

THE_JUDGE3890d ago

Maybe they pulled in so everyone would start talking about it again (more) in places like this. Interesting game it sounds like.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3890d ago

People talk about it everywhere anyway, hell even you Droids talk about in the PS forums and here everytime news of this gme pops up (thanks for helping to hype the game DROID). Maxim, Stuff, Gamepro, EGM, OXM, 1Up, G4TV, Gametrailers, CVG, MG, IGN, and N4G just to name a few discuss this game on a regular basis. MS doesnt need a "ploy" to hype the next big thing on the 360 next to Halo and Gears. The only people the need to worry about this games hype is PS3 fans like yourself, because who knows how many consoles this game will steal from your Sony.

kevoncox3890d ago

1) delayed - it was hinted as being released in Feb 2008 just yesterday.

2) Moved up - It was shown as being a head of schedule and could have come out as soon as July.

Which is it.
History says....

pwnsause3890d ago

it means no ones playing it during the Haloday so they possibly decided to push it for next year???

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