Quake Live Celebrates First Birthday With New Map

One year ago, id Software launched Quake Live, a free browser-based shooter modeled after Quake III. Today they've launched an update with a few anniversary surprises.

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StanLee3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Is this game still coming to XBLA? An XBLA version tentatively titled Quake Live Arcade was announced a while back and even shown but nothing has been mentioned since.

Cajun Chicken3013d ago

Yeah, tell me about it. Still waiting for Doom 2 too. At least Serious Sam made it out the door.

tdrules3013d ago

why in God's name would you want to play Quake with a controller.
Quake Live can run on pretty much ANY PC from the last 5 years, and if you were like me (a complete Quake nub) it has skill based matchmaking.
good times

StanLee3013d ago

My XBL friends list is better suited for playing a game like this. I still play UT2004 on the PC and that's about the only game I play on PC anymore. My friends list on XBL is more accessible and more convenient.

Bilbo653013d ago

Free on pc or $10+ on xbla, ill take the free and mouse/keyboard plz

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Cajun Chicken3013d ago

When is Quake Arena XBLA coming out?



dirthurts3013d ago

When this one is free? It's crazy easy to run...