Top 5 PS3 Fails

There's a lot that Sony has started to do right with the PS3, especially since the fall of 2009, and more recently with the release of the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, already raking in some seriously great reviews. But whenever any company gets a little too high on its virtual horse, I think it's the right time to look back at the failures they came through.

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swiftshot933009d ago

I agree with not locking FFXIII (though its looking like it wont live up to the console FF name-just like XII) and PS HOME (seriously sucks). Other than that who cares about any other of that sh1t.

GreenRingOfLife3009d ago

the PS3 never fails. Probably written by 360 fanboys

RememberThe3573008d ago

But anyway, I don't think that FF13 was that big of a loss. FF games traditionally do half their sales in japan and the other half everywhere else. This obviously won't follow that trend but I don't think Sony lost that much letter it go. And they still have versus.

Plus, I remember hearing Jack Trenton in an interview saying that Square bought out their exclusive deal with Sony and that in FF13's place they got FFvs13 and FF14 (as a timed exclusive). Sony failed quite a lot in the first few years, but much of that was them having to reposition themselves in the market. They had to let certain games go, but they got more exclusive content in return then they lost.

presto7173008d ago

I dont know how sony managed to miss that one. I really just cant understand.

Sometimes I ask myself what sony is really thinking. but I dont let it bother me too much.

Press_Agree3008d ago should disappear

-Alpha3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Sony's biggest issues were obviously in its early years. I think that FF going multiplat had to happen considering how big the 360 is in NA. It is still exclusive in Japan, and most likely FF buyers in the US are going to get the PS3 version anyway. However, for the "console wars", FF going multiplat was a big loss for Sony fans.

Lair was a huge fail just because it was hyped to the heavens and games were sparse back then. Home kept getting delayed and didn't end up having the features it was promised to, though it is still in beta. Sony's biggest problem IMO was Blu Ray as it skyrocketed the price of the PS3. Today it's great, which means it wasn't a fail. I think from a gamer perspective the BluRay and all that extra space is great, but it did cost Sony a lot and lead to people opting for the cheaper 360. From a business perspective MS was smarter in making something affordable as people decided to get it over the PS3, but in the long run, and right now, the PS3 seems like the better buy.

Of course, Sony was thinking long term and I think that in the end the PS3's Blu Ray capabilities strengthens the system. The launch was definitely it's rockiest moment as exclusives weren't as great, the PSN online was so young (remembering having to quit games to message because there was no in-game XMB?), and the cost was just too high.


Yeah, that's what I said: it paid off for Sony in the long run, but the 360 nabbed early next-gen adopters with a cheaper console.

Dragun6193008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

Can't say it any better than that other than Sony's been making all the right moves, with revamped marketing, releasing good games, and selling the PS3 Slim for $299. From 2006 to 2010, what a difference 4 years can make. Cheers to the next 6 years in its 10 year life-cycle. Can't wait.

Bathyj3008d ago

Not getting FFXIII isnt a fail.
Because when they Launch side by side and the PS3 version is better, and outsells the XBox version 3:1, everyone is going to see which console is just hitting its straps, and which console is dying relying on Natal to drag it back.

Cracks me up fanboys still have to resort to Lair, even now, which by the way got a patch for the controls, plays well, and looks better than 80% of Xbox games.

Why not throw Haze in there, blame Sony for another 3rd party title?

WildArmed3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

ff13 is kinda the big one.

the rest is w/e.

but 5 fails are nothing compared to the 200 things the ps3 does right doesn't even scratch the ps3's shiny black armor

Beefstew4u3008d ago

Am I the only one that actually really enjoyed Lair? Ya, the controls are a little tough at first, but you get used to them. The game was pretty fun, and while the story wasn't all that great, it had a great soundtrack.

morganfell3008d ago

If anything FFXIII is a win for the PS3 as it serves to draw the distinction between the PS3, a powerful next generation machine built to evolve, and the 360 which is hobbled by Microsoft's last gen hardware choices.

ReBurn3008d ago

Lair was not third party, it was second-party. It was published by SCEA. And it bombed big-time, even with the control patch and the Sony "here's how to review our game" damage control.

Still, I don't think that Lair and Haze were Sony failures as much as they were fanboy hype failures. All you saw at the time was "just wait until Lair" and "just wait until Haze" and "just wait until" for practically every game. What it really took was for Sony to practically start over with the slim and a decent advertising campaign.

Syronicus3008d ago

It was even better when the patched the controls. In the end, Lair was and is still to this day one of the best looking titles out on the market. If you have not played it, I suggest trying it before reading the reviews that knocked it. They never once said anything bad about the story or the graphics, only the controls and they have been patched.

As for Sony dropping the ball, every company has done this. Heck, MS sold millions of faulty consoles knowingly and yet they are still praised by the hardcore fanboy. I was an Xbox fanboy before I was screwed over several times with the 360. Since I grew up and realized I would rather have quality hardware, I switched tot he PS3 as my main console and have looked past the simply follies of Sony. You can't argue with great games and quality hardware with a free online service that works.

caseh3008d ago

Gotta say this doesn't deserve to be there. Patched controls sorted out the one major complaint it received from pretty much everyone.

If anything deserves to be top of the fail list its Haze! I remember seeing the previews for it before I even had a PS3. All I could think is 'WHY is this game getting so much hype, it looks like a 10 year old PC game!'

I see it in my local store for £5 everytime I go in and don't think I will ever pick it up, not even for that price.

Whitefox7893008d ago

Like it matters if FF 13 is multiplat. it is still exclusive to the PS3 in Japan where it has 55% of its fan base.

WIIIS13008d ago

They forgot the biggest fail of console history ever - the PS3 itself, going from far ahead 1st place to dead last in market share.

Syronicus3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Sorry, I guess I didn't get the memo but when did this generation end? Do you typically call the horse race before the end of the first turn?

rexus123453008d ago

Sony made the right choice by not locking down FFXIII. Look at all the articles and comments we've been getting about XBox 360 is outdated, some of them are fueled by the comparison between PS3 and Xbox versions of the game.
This is Sony's ploy to make Xbox look inferior to PS3 plus it earned them some extra cash which otherwise would not be available with a PS3 exclusive.

mayberry3008d ago

imho "home" is very good if you have "clans" and "real" friends, for the simple fact there is personal spaces to meet up in. i.e. club house, homes, apts, game rooms... etc...
lots to to to bide your time till everyone shows up!

darthv723008d ago

try and re brand it with the wands as the primary control interface and a few other notable upgrades (internal memory doubled, cpu speed increase, gpu performance increase) dubbing it PS4?

Seems like a plausible situation. Yet the sales of the existing ps3 would most likely need to falter to that point where it is considered a loss to continue producing it as it is. Nintendo basically did a similar tactic with the wii. Re branding the gamecube type of hardware (upgraded slightly) with the wii-mote as the center point of the package.

Seems the consumers either didn't know or didn't care and purchased the system based on the marketing strategy of casual entertainment. I don't know if sony could back peddle itself into that frame of mind. Especially with such a dedicated following. They know themselves that the entire casual market eclipses the hardcore market and making the wand seems to show their interest in tapping into that.

The same question could be posed to MS and the 360. A redesign with Natal as the focal point could be a re branding of the 360 to attract what nintendo has run away with. To succeed, it must separate itself from the previous model in a way to garner the attention of those who do not even know what a 360 is. While the potential is there, the rest of the hardware seems limiting to go forward.

Sony has a better chance of achieving a renaissance for their playstation brand simply because the complexity of the hardware inside is more suited to go forward. Marketing is the key to success. I could actually see sony restructure the PS brand in such a way to be adopted much like the Wii and yet still offer the entertainment factor hardcore and media buffs alike expect.

Will the ps3 achieve that goal of besting its previous system much like ps2 did? Time will tell but sony doesnt look to have that much patience to wait. Making the radical changes (both design and price) shortly after launch gives indication that sony may have been wrong for once in their console experience.

PS: my reasoning for questioning this is simple. Where the two previous ps consoles excelled in popularity, the third is faltering from stiff competition. Nintendo has found itself again after being against the wall the last couple of gens. MS is on a roll, besting itself previously. Sony sees the loss of market share as a sign that they need to take action. The biggest failures for the PS3 are sony believing it would sell on name recognition alone as well as underestimating the casual market.

Saaking3008d ago

I could make a top 15 list of MS fails. Sony made some mistakes, but they're all mostly fixed now. FFXIII doesn't matter. It boosted PS3 in Japan (where it mattered) and Sony is focusing on first party TRUE exclusives now.

cmrbe3008d ago

Sony made is letting Ken go.

gintoki7773008d ago

they better lock down ff13 versus and any future mgs game

slayorofgods3008d ago

#5 - I will agree. Home has been moving forward slowly. After all the hype home never really lived up to its expectations due to limited content.

#4 - Lair - I disagree. The PS3's main struggles were with early games in general. Lair really had no system selling hype to begin with, it was really 2009's line up of multiple games that really made the difference.

#3 - Earnings drag - We might as well add everyone else that suffered from the recession. Sony has begun to rebound economically showing that they are surviving / overcoming the recession.

#2 Console launch - This is easily Sony's biggest failure. This should be moved to the #1 spot.

#1 FF13 - I disagree. SE making games for MS should actually go into a list of the 360's biggest failures. In part SE has made poor games and in part because the 360 crowd has shown little interest in jrpg's. Currently, pre-orders for FF13 are favoring the ps3 in terms of selling consoles and copies of the game.

ProjectVulcan3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

From a hardware standpoint, i would have beaten the crap out of nvidia to create a custom GPU based on its unified architecture which would certainly have been under development as PS3 was, instead of allowing them to fob sony off with a cut down Geforce 7 (something like half or even a third cut down based on 8800GTX). I would have tried to squeeze in a headset with every PS3, even a wired one to the controller like 360. I would have said PS3 has to emulate PS2 games in software, with at least the top 100 games working on day one, and slowly adding in support for the top 1000 titles or so, enough to at least keep most people reasonably happy and fanboys quiet.

From a software side they had seen the sort of slick integration microsoft had achieved with its in game dashboard for a year til PS3 launched, and although its mostly fixed now, i dont know why it also was not day one in game XMB. Developer tools should also have been much better from the start, so many developers had been literally scared off the format early on. THE biggest mistake for me though was not retaining at least timed exclusivity on the GTA franchise. Love it or hate it, Lets face it, It is THE third party name to keep hold of that sony had for PS2 and let slip. Had sony announced to the world in 2007 GTA4 was ONLY on ps3, then millions of people would not have settled for microsoft's cheaper machine knowing they could not play GTA4 as it sat on the shelves. The american market would have been faced with the dilemma that their darling franchise was not on their darling american machine, This would have surely put the cat amongst the pigeons and stalled 360s uptake considerably throughout 2007/8.

Generally I think PS3 really had a poor launch, but has recovered extremely well and has proven now i think, it is easily the most forward thinking machine for a long life as sony had promised. Critics of the inclusion of bluray for example have been all but silenced as bluray beat down HD DVD, and many games demanding vast quantities of storage at this point. The idea that the price enforced by bluray's inclusion was PS3's weakest point at launch will increasingly become PS3's strongest card for me. BD drives can only ever get cheaper with PS3 but provide lasting benefits.

solar3008d ago

the launch of the ps3 really was a huge disaster. i know a game company that stated that....and they are hated....

N4BmpS3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

This article reminds me of an interviewer whom, was doing a segment with Mel Gibson and for strange reason he brought Mel's 4 year old DWI or DUI charge what's the point of bringing it up let it go. Uh at the risk of sounding like a fanboy I do think this article is a waste, while I doubt this guy is just trying to throw dirt on the flames of the PS3, this is something a PS3 owner, like myself wants put in the past, killed off and forgotten, I just don't see a point in bringing it up anymore. We all know the PS3 came along way since 2006, thank God. The only ones who should relive that day is Sony, they have to learn from their greatest mistakes, without a doubt in my mind I can say because of the PS3's early fail People went to the 360 and Wii but I can also say they got a good amount(not all) of their fan-base back. And in specifics I don't think Sony needed to lock down FFXIII I'm pretty sure that FFXIII became a very expensive game to keep exclusive, Sony basically cut their losses and repositioned themselves IMO that's why they lost many exclusives(ie DMC 4, FFXIII) but they still got backdoor deals(VSXIII, Agent).
They didn't need to lock FF down it was getting too big.

Yes Lair was God awful, move along. You'll get a headache thinking about it. I don't have a problem with HOME soooooo, next. We know, the PS3 wasn't ubiquitous that was horrible. My point is we've reflected on this enough, Sony is still learning from those mistakes, I believe it has humbled them nearly to death but hey it's better now and if you're a gamer( a real gamer) take a chance and get a PS3 you might love a few games, you might love to hate a few games. It's worth the money I put up for it. Don't focus on the past focus on the future. That goes for the 360 and Wii things are looking up for all the consoles. It's good to be a Gamer.

Biggest3008d ago


Let us wait for the multi-plat Metal Gear before we say anything. If they can make 30+ gigs of MGS for 360, then Sony should look into "locking" it down.

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unchartedgoty3009d ago

1. UMD 2. HAZE 3.LAIR 4....... 5........IN MY OPINION THE XBOX HAS LIKE 1...2...3..4...5...6...7...8.. .9...10...11...12...13...

BaSeBaLlKiD7213008d ago

Uh, UMD is for PSP, not PS3... >_>

evilmonkey5013008d ago

eagerly looking forward to tomorrows article called: "the top 5 fails of the xbox" I wonder which 5 they will pick?

rrod? disc scratching? firing all of their first party studios? power bricks? disc trays? Beta testing a lot of ps3 games? cheating on live? corrupt moderators? charging to play p2p online? the controllers d pad? no built in wifi? no mandatory hard drive? no BLURAY or other high capacity storage devices? I could go on forever but Im already bored....

RockmanII73008d ago

rrod - Fail
disc scratching - Fail
firing all of their first party studios - Exaggeration
power bricks - So?
disc trays - Once again, So?
Beta testing a lot of ps3 games - Fanboy
cheating on live - cheating on PSN
corrupt moderators - Forged video
charging to play p2p online - Fail
the controllers d pad - Not needed in most games, but when needed Fail.
no built in wifi - Ethernet cable
no mandatory hard drive - Newer versions have internal hard drive
no BLURAY or other high capacity storage devices - You can't blame MS for that, should be under 'Top 5 PS3 Wins'

I would add that newer controllers need either a rechargeable battery pack or rechargeable batteries.

Biggest3008d ago

People may cheat on PSN. But how often is a video uploaded to YouTube that shows just that? You can count on a millipede's toes how many Xbox videos are up for just MW2 alone.

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Gue13009d ago

talking about living in the past...

italianbreadman3008d ago

Glad to see the PS3 has come into its own after a history like this. For a while there, things were looking rough.

MeatAbstract3008d ago

It certainly was looking rough. Rumors of it following the same path as the Dreamcast as well at that time. But hey, Sony pulled through.

ssipmraw3008d ago

Yeah sony has allot more money than sega,
the main reason the dreamcast failed was that the company relied wholly on the sale of their single system along side its games.
however sony sells all kinds of electronics which obviously earn more money fore the company hence they can support the system

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3008d ago

...99% of these internet sites are stuck in the PAST. people who live in the 'xBox LIVE BUBBLE'!!! ;-D

They are set in their ways. They believe only what the internet says, it's very SAD really but like i think 'it's their LOSS, not mine' ;)

ChrisW3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I'm going to have to agree with #1! Sony should have locked down FFXIII as an exclusive.

Reason #1: The graphics would have been better.
Reason #2: The many other things would have been better.
Reason #3: A majority of Xbox owners don't really care, thus they won't buy it.

Therefor a lost opportunity on Sony's part.

avengers19783008d ago

There are some good points here. They needed better games at launch, Resistance is the only game. Lair was terrible, but if you listed all the bad games and all the great games witch list is longer, hint it's the bad games. Now PS3 is clearly ahead of everything else, and consantly bring out good games, there are tons of choices, and every genre of gaming. PSN is now great! 2006 there were alot of negative things one might say against sony, but 2010 all you can say is wow PS3 is awesome.

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Wario74143009d ago

What is the point of this article? Get a life. Maybe if you had a life, or 360 games to play, you wouldn't spend so much time writing about stuff that happened 2 or 5 years ago. Especially now that the ps3 is outselling everything.

Cmon are you serious with this article?

Get a life dude

table3008d ago

so defensive... you can tell by the tone of writing that the guy likes the ps3. Fanboys here are a joke.

Wario74143007d ago

How am I defensive? Do you mean annoyed? Yea Im annoyed because people have nothing better to do than talk trash about the same thing for 4 or 5 years.

Im nowhere close to being a fanboy. Yea I have a ps3 and Im happy with it. But I don't write articles bashing the wii or the 360. I also don't go to the 360 side trolling people like YOU.

Simple fact is...its getting very old with this ps3 vs 360 stuff.

Go outside and get a girlfriend. Im willing to bet $200 whoever wrote this article does not have a girlfriend.

BannedForNineYears3008d ago

This article is retarded.
I could make an article about the top 5 360 failures.
1. RROD.
2. Too Human
3. Battery powered controllers.
4. Paying for XBL
5. Not having Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, or LittleBigPlanet.

FYI, this list was 100% sarcastic.

Godmars2903008d ago

#3: A non-HDD SKU.
#5: Not producing a Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, or LittleBigPlanet type game.

As for the PS3's #1, given that the 360 version of FFXIII isn't on par, unless it does sell more its going to be more of the MS folly.

TehCell3008d ago

1. YLOD/No BC/Lame Internet Browser
2. Lair/Haze
3. Controller's triggers are slippery
4. No XGameChat/No listening to music while gaming/or movies
5. Not having Halo 3, ME2, Natal, Alan Wake

FYI, this list was 100% sarcastic

see wut i did dar

ReBurn3008d ago

Personally I'd rather have a controller that I can easily pop a new rechargeable battery pack into than a controller that I can't do that with. You can get a 360 controller with the play and charge kit for the same price as a PS3 controller. So that one definitely should fall off the list.

WildArmed3008d ago

Not really..

I paid abit more for my 2 360 chargable controller than my ps3 ones.
Ofc the prices are now a bit discounted, but once these were $10 bucks apart in price (for each unit).

And I do love my rechargable controllers. I plug my 360/ps3 controllers into my laptop and keep playing :)

hey, it's even more enviromental friendly. (yay me~ lol)

But I think as long as they 'did' offer rechargable controller, you can't hold it against MS... but the non-HD unit.. lets not go there.

gtamike1233008d ago

2. Pay for online
3. Old Gen DVD
4. Battery needed for controllers
5. No Wifi ($100 More)

Could go on with more facts

evilmonkey5013008d ago

really? you listen to music WHILE watching movies? I read your /s but...

ico923008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

YLOD is no where NEAR as epic as RROD i dunno why 360 fanboys bring it up when RROD is the biggest hardware failure in electronic history and thats a fact.

Biggest3008d ago

If I were to compare the hardware failures to a deadly disease/virus. . .
YLOD = Kuru: It really sucks but not many are going to get it.
RROD = HIV: Just wait. It's gonna die. Trust me.

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