Euro Repair Company Halts 360 "3 Ring" repairs: Claims Fault is "Endemic"

Micromart, a UK-based console repair company, is ceasing its repair service for Microsoft XBOX 360 units suffering from the "3 Red Lights fault."

An update on their company page ( claims that "(the) problem is endemic on the XBox 360 console and the volume has made this repair non-viable." They continue to support other XBOX 360 repairs.

Via their "Customer Info" page, Micromart suggests that customers with "3 Red Lights" errors contact Microsoft directly.

(Micromart Ltd has been providing a comprehensive repair service to Games Consoles for over 10 years.)

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kingofps34191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

What happens when they contact Microsoft directly for customer support on their XBOX 360's "3 Red Lights fault" repairs?

Another unit?

Edit: @nobizlikesnowbiz
"Sony paid them!" for stopping the repair on the issue, you say. That's just ridiculous kid. Grow up and see the facts for what it is and not what you believe it to be or feel like. Damn

k. Hopefully, you will be set :) (No negative intention)

Sangheili854191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

My friends went out he called they offered to send a box got it within like 2 days then sent it out. Easy and fast i mean it still shouldn't happen but at least they took care of it fast. He go a new one within a week of sending it out.

Sometimes i really don't get this place kingofps3 asked a simple question i replied with what actually happened with my roommate and i get disagreed 4 times? its not like i said HAIL 360 DIE ps3!... damn you fanboys need to stop hating on anyone who says something kinda good about another system.

PSTripleOG4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Piece Of SHlT 180 heheheheheheheheheheheeheheheh ehehe...... I would never buy a Ringer!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Machety4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Wow so much 360 heat that the company couldnt work in that condition so they stopped. I understand where they are coming from. OK Xbots here what I think yall should do, whenever you are geting a 360 or if u have one already, yall should also get a freezer to cool down yall xboxes. Can anyone beleive that an Xbots told me not to get a PS3 because its made by an american company so its better quality. I laughed at him

dantesparda4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Well i ordered my repair on Friday (June 22nd) and im not scheduled to get it (the coffin) til tomorrow (Thurs the 28th). So 6 days (and thats if i get it tomorrow) and i still have to take it to UPS myself cuz MS doesnt want to have to pay $15 for UPS to come pick it up. Vevn though they did the the 1st time, when my 1st 360 died, about a yr and 4 months ago. To tell you the truth, it all feels kind of long to me. I'll let you's know how long the whole thing takes.

@ Sano
I heay ya, but if it breaks again (which i think it will! i just hope that its during the one yr warranty), i will just have to send it in AGAIN. You have no real choice, but just to take it up the a$$ from MS, but see, fanboys dont seem to mind that sh!t to much because they are so in "love" with their 360s, that they dont mind taking it up the a$$ from MS, they like it

Sano644191d ago

My 360 died twice,I dont know what I will do if it dies again?

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nobizlikesnowbiz4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Eh. M$ just fix this problem and your console is golden. New heatsinks for FTW!

This company is a bunch of pussies they don't wanna work anymore wah wah wah I'm tired of fixing things. Sony paid them!

Lol that sounds ridiculous I know guys. If M$ fixes this, theres really nothing else to hold against it.

EDIT @ all who disagreed, especially kingofps3 above: WTF why do you take everything so seriously. Did you even read the comment? --"Sony paid them!......Lol that sounds ridiculous I know guys." Wow maybe you should read before you just try to pathetically rip on people.

Arkham4191d ago

They have such a lead in the market place that I think this will all be resolved when they go to 65nm.

I wouldn't be surprised if they just swap the old motherboards for newly-designed versions, tack on a new warranty, and get this business behind them once and for all.

360Sheep4191d ago

man you guys are too funny... They are going to be two years into a console with a 4 year lifespan. they are not going to make any design changes, save for the smaller ship. Just wait it out till the 720 comes out, just hope they will have a better backwards compatibility than the 360 had.

SKullDugger4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

MS says there is no problem remember and a second heat sink will not fix DVD drive issues, loud fans and video diplay issue and sound problems. People that plan on buying this console or remaining in the MS stable need to do some research. I can't belive that people pay $400.00 for this and are OK with all theses problems after my 3rd I said no more I did the research and jumped from this sinking ship and now own a PS3 and have peace of mind and before U start I LOVE FNR3 and Motorstorm and will buy Rainbow Six Vegas today and NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA next week and play with no fear of HARDWARE failure.

Bill Gates4191d ago


Arkham4191d ago

Please go pollute the comments somewhere else.

Machety4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

This dude BillGate on top of me is a funny dude. But I thinks its ashame that he can only comment once. Can we help him get his bubles back please.

Ignorant Fanboy4191d ago

Bill Gates wrote: "HAHAA......I'll comment later"

Uh, no, dude you wont. You dont have enough bubbles!

Shadow Flare4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

oh man! What other product in history has such CRAP build quality that the repair company refuses to fix them anymore cos there are too many? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Somewhere in this world, there's a landfill with an iconic landmark that the employees fondly refer to as 'xbox mountain'

BIadestarX4191d ago

deja vu? mmm... ohh no way... it's the same Sony fanboys posting the same crap on every post about the same issue... don't you get tired of saying/repating what every other Sony fanboy say?

ImWithStupid4190d ago

reduced to COMPLETE DENIAL about his beloved ringer and even FANTASY about a nefarious PS3fan conspiracy to destroy the ringerrrrrrrr.


Rikitatsu4191d ago

MS is screwd unless the announce something at E3 , the made the crappiest console to date Congrats

snoop_dizzle4191d ago

apparently while many go through so many 360s, they really want to play games. Look my PS2 raped me but i stuck with it.

But anyways this is bad.

Europe always seems to get the bad end of the deal.

Expy4191d ago

No, they only replace the "heatsink" in defective 360's returned to them (actually they put them into refurbished ones and keep yours). They don't offer new heatsinks in new consoles and probably never will. They'll wait for their "next" console and add in proper cooling for once.

_insane_cobra4191d ago

Expy, your trolling is ridiculous even for a troll. Grow up.

MoonDust4191d ago

You don't even know what you are talking about.

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