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Giantbomb Reviews Heavy Rain

Giantbomb writes "Heavy Rain bills itself as "interactive drama," a term that right away ought to clarify the focus of this grim thriller from QuanticDream. But in case you're still wondering, it isn't headshots or double jumps. Like the company's last game, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain lets you carry out the ordinary actions of ordinary people caught up in an extraordinarily sordid, life-or-death sequence of events that's set in a soaked, dreary urban landscape. The particulars of the storyline are wildly flexible according to the influence of your guiding decisions, and they play out within a narrative framework that succeeds at creating a deep emotional resonance even when it's held back by characters and events that aren't always perfectly believable." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 4/5

deadreckoning666  +   1921d ago
Excellent score from an excellent site.
socomnick  +   1921d ago
8/10 thats about what the respectable reviewers will give it reviewers that give it more are just trying to prove a point or doing it because the game is different.
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Michael-Jackson  +   1920d ago
Fail, It's not like they rate their games on a 0.5 or 0.25 scale...4 is an excellent score coming from them.
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redsquad  +   1920d ago
And surprise surprise, Bungie the insignificant, Bungie the one-hit wonder, Bungie the mewling zombie, Bungie the squeeling troll, Bungie the hated ignoramous...

...is strangely absent from a good HEAVY RAIN review.

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