Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Trailer and US Release Info

Since its original Japanese announcement, Naruto fans have been wondering two things: When is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 coming out? And does it still look good? Well, the answers are "this fall" and "yes."

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Simon_Brezhnev2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Yeah im probably getting this but im pretty sure the game story wont get to where Naruto fights Pain thats who i want to play as.

BBCnewsrocks2888d ago

yeah, story wise, they're pretty far behind. But the gameplay in UNS is just so awesome.

Gue12888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Games never go on par with the manga... And the anime's like really far behind and seeing how they are pushing more and more fillers again and again I do not think Naruto will be making sage mode until next year and I still think it would be too soon. lol

Jiraiya got killed like 20ep ago in the anime and Naruto doesn't even knows about it yet... And with one ep a week then...

silvacrest2886d ago

you no, some of us dont read the comics (or whatever the japanes call it) so we dont no about naruto making sage mode...

all im saying is that was a spoiler which i didn't want to no about

raWfodog2886d ago

Spoiler alert!! would have been real nice...Can a mod take care of that? Collapse it with a spoiler warning so as not to spoil the surprise for others

menoyou2886d ago

Hopefully they learned their lesson and added online multiplayer this time.

jib2886d ago

anime watcher here. way to spoil it guy

KillaManiac2886d ago

It definitely could get to the Pain fight. If you look at the end...Sasuke is wearing his akatsuki clothes.

So it should atleast get close to pain.

And above...I am a manga reader, but thats not cool to spoil something that big for anime watchers.

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Myst2888d ago

Whats the point of colliding Raikri and Rasengan again especially after that one time Kakashi stopped it? To top it off he's the one doing it this time :p.

Fall 2010? I got time then :), also Sasuke in the Akatsuki gear, seems like this game is going a bit farther than I anticipated.

crxss2886d ago

it's actually a double Raikiri vs a two rasengans. come on! and *spoiler alert* Sage Naruto needs to be in this game!!!

Bluemaster772886d ago

Im so glad this is on 360 now cause more people need to experience how masterful this series is

Voozi2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Indeed, those Ubisoft Naruto games just didn't do it. But least they had online ;D (Was so bummed the first UNS didn't have online lol)

Anyone know if this one will have online? Hope so :3

Bluemaster772886d ago

Yea i didnt like those much , they reviewed well but i just couldnt see where those scores were justified

Voozi2886d ago

Yea I mean it was fun for a short while Rise of a Ninja but idk...lost that fun feeling pretty fast, got really boring/stale.

Also one thing I hope they fix with this one is...actually have some AA since the first ninja storm lacked it lol

bluemanrule2886d ago

While ROAN was very good on the 360, the Broken Bond lost that feeling. However, I've played the Cyberconnect games with my nephews on the Wii & PS2 and the storytelling lacks compared with the Ubisoft games. The Ubisoft online is also really solid. I hope Cyberconnect has better story progression and adventure elements in this version. I now have a PS360 set-up so I just hope the game is complete.

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Socomer 19792886d ago

I thought it would take a graphical hit but it looks damn good on the 360 too. Now, im not upset that this ps3 exclusive has gone multiplatform. good job cyber connect im looking forward to it.

Wait till the 360 kids play this beautiful game.
Its gorgeous!

Last I heard this was supposed to be online.
The first game was not.

maximus19852886d ago

have to wonder though. what happened to the xbox 360s exclusive one? why is storm going on 360 now!

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