1UP gives 8 to Overlord

Being evil? Hell, that's easy. Letting players unleash their id and make 'em laugh at the same time? That's the hard part. Yet, between ordering the demise of countless sheep and gutting rabid unicorns, that's exactly what's happening in third-person action-adventure Overlord.

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Diselage4185d ago

Thats about what i expected from it, should be a fun game to play.

MK_Red4185d ago

I'm still worried about T rating for a game about being evil, but they its about fun side of evil and it looks to be just that. After reading this article, my hope is kinda restored.

ThaGeNeCySt4185d ago

that's .5 more points than I would have given it

MK_Red4185d ago

Did you play it? If so, is the T rating really affecting game? I haven't played it but personally I think it should have been M.

DrRage774185d ago

an 8 seems kind of high...i played the demo and wasn't exactly excited about the game after i played around in the demo..granted, the actual game could be much better, but for me this game turned out to be a disappointment so far from what i observed.

Excalibur4184d ago

And it's a lot of fun.
The first training mission had me laughing so hard when I was beating the crap out of the Jester.
Listen to all the little jokes your minions are making when you go on the killing spree's.

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The story is too old to be commented.