Black Powder, Red Earth Teaser Trailer

Warring corporations have reduced a city to rubble on Mars, and they're looking for a few good mercenaries to help end this battle. Will you answer the call?

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ASSASSYN 36o4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Why would a vehicle have windsheild wipers on mars with no rain? And if the planet is terraformed...then why is it still red? Intentionally reading way too into it.

cr33ping_death4187d ago

uhhh so cool people like you can point that kind of stuff out to others?

Rooted_Dust4187d ago

Perhaps they kept the sky red to preserve the "atmosphere" of the game, with out it the planet would seem less Mars-like. As far as the windshield wipers, it's better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.

thezuur4187d ago

eh... why do people release stuff like this... it only proves their project is junk.

Lord Anubis4186d ago

not much to show :( I guess I should have taken the word teaser more seriously.

DirtyRat4186d ago

If Mars was terraformed it wouldn't neccessarily mean everything was green, in fact if you've read the series of books, red mars, green mars, blue mars you'd know it would be impossible to rid the planet of the red stuff