VGA: Heavy Rain review: A step forward or backward?

VGArabia: Before I go on with my review, let me ask you some questions: Have you ever played Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit)? If yes, did you enjoy it? Do you want to play a game with good story and great atmosphere, but with absolutely minimal gameplay elements? Depending on your answers, Heavy Rain might be the perfect game for you or it might be the exact opposite.

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we won2831d ago

They seemed to have scored this a bit high IMO.

hardcore19122831d ago

But it does have its share of issues. Nevertheless, great job Quantic Dream.

tunaks12831d ago

While it is a unique game that shows a lot of effort from the developers, I hope game designers eventually loose the fetish with long drawn out cutscenes, and go back to whats important fun gameplay. just my opinion, I wasn't looking forward to this game but Im willing to rent it at least before completely passing judgment over it.