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VG Reloaded Review: Heavy Rain

February 23, 2010 by Adam Waddilove

The Verdict

"Heavy Rain is one of the most engrossing games that I've played on the PS3 since MGS 4 in terms of story. I was gripped from the start and had to see it through to the end to discover the killer and the fates of the characters I've played as. I was amazed with the end result as I'm sure you will be and this is one experience that you should not deny yourself." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

unchartedgoty  +   2012d ago
nice review
it deserves a 10
deadreckoning666  +   2012d ago
@kenpachi- The teletext review is ONE man's opinion, just like every other review. Don't say a person's opinion is "retarded" just because YOU don't like the outcome.

@unchartedgoty- Since you apparently know what Heavy Rain deserves because uve OBVIOUSLY played it, why not post your own review??? I'd love to hear ur opinion, because thats what a review is, an opinion. A 10, for YOU, can be a 3 for someone else. If everyone thought the same way, the world would be boring.
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APOFISBORICUA  +   2012d ago
Reviews are just opinions...just as my opinion that ME and ME2 are just two overrated boring games...same as Halo 3 and GTA4...and that the only game that deserves a 10 in my list of FPS is Power Slave, an old SEGA SATURN game. Yeah they are all opinons but; Is my opinion as important as dozens of other's opinion saying that ME2 is worth a 96?...when my opinion is just minority and Im no game "professional Journalist".Who would you take into consideration my opinion or the opinion of the mayority...the same mayoriry that said that HEAVY RAIN is worth of 9+ reviews...DONT BE SUCH A HIPOCRIPT MAN!!!!!... Opinions are just that but when you saw reviews and saw just 4 bad reviews of dozens its hard to believe that that 4/10 is more important than 25 scores of 90 plus...Dont be a tool.

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xTruthx  +   2012d ago
If anyone if having probs with heavy rain just delete the patch
bjornbear  +   2012d ago
I plan on picking it up within the hour then I'll let you know =)
kenpachi  +   2012d ago
all these 9/10 reviews just make the Teletext review look more retarded
unchartedgoty  +   2012d ago
it got 10 out of 10
look at the review posted 5 min ago. bigfatrobot review
kenpachi  +   2012d ago
well it starting to make David Jenkins look like a fool

edit@deadreckoning666 i know plenty of people who have played it say easily a 9
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deadreckoning666  +   2012d ago
"i know plenty of people who have played it say easily a 9"

And thats THEIR opinion. Just like the people at Teletext have THEIR opinion. The majority of America believes that the Wii is the best next-gen gaming console, is that true? Just because the majority of reviews say a game is a 9 doesn't mean its a 9 for everyone. I think your forgetting the GTA4 fiasco too soon. 98 on metacritic, yet the general gaming populace think its boring.
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Parapraxis  +   2012d ago
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you N4Gs official Teletext fanboy deadreckoning666.
I mean, seriously bud, you are making yourself look pretty sad.
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Selma_Blair  +   2012d ago
Sony fanboys are starting to turn on each other. ^
deadreckoning666  +   2012d ago
@parapraxis- There are over 100 angry comments over ONE MAN's 4/10 review of a game that these people haven't even played yet..yet I'm the sad one? LOL, just lol.

"DONT BE SUCH A HIPOCRIPT MAN!!!!!... Opinions are just that but when you saw reviews and saw just 4 bad reviews of dozens its hard to believe that that 4/10 is more important than 25 scores of 90 plus...Dont be a tool."

I didn't say that the 4/10 review is MORE important than dozens of 9 reviews, I said that the 4/10 review is JUST as important as all those other 9 reviews, because reviews are opinions. When ALOT of reviewers give the same game high scores, all that means is that the odds of you liking it are higher than a game that recieved alot of low scores from critics. Theres NEVER a guarantee that everyone who plays a game will think its a 9.
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snowb420  +   2012d ago
"There are over 100 angry comments over ONE MAN's 4/10 review of a game that these people haven't even played yet"

And you know they haven't played it yet? I mean despite the fact that it got released today, and many place's broke the street date? I'm not complaining about the review or anything after all it is just 1 mans opinion. But still, who are you to say they haven't played it yet?
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RememberThe357  +   2012d ago
This is crap!
Teletext says this game is a 4/10! Vg-reloaded are such fanboys!

the-show-stopper   2012d ago | Spam
the-show-stopper  +   2012d ago
so much for that teletext review eh? lol
cant wait for the 360 fanboys to show up and give their crappy reasons as to y heavy rain is not worth a 9/10
time to get some popcorn ready for the show
StanRaimondi  +   2012d ago
lol ill take some with butter and some strawberry soda please
StanRaimondi  +   2012d ago
im playing this game and i can definitely say that imho it deserves a 9 it gets so intense you will be on the edge of your seat. but like i said its just my opinion....runs off for more heavy rain
Figboy  +   2012d ago
so far i absolutely love it.
i knew what i was getting into before i started, but the execution of this game is fantastic.

and the voice work isn't nearly resembling atrocious, like the internet would have you believe.

yeah, there are certain scenes in which some of the dialog/delivery is a little off, but overall, the VA doesn't take me out of the game, or keep me from connecting to the story and characters.

i'm trying not to beat it tonight, but i really WANT TO.

i've already done a few actions that i wish i could take back, so i'm already planning my next playthrough.

this game is more than just visuals. it's more than just QTEs. it truly is an experience, and just watching YouTube videos of it don't do the game justice. it's NOT a movie, no matter how many times people want to ram it down your throat.

even the scene from the demo played out differently in the full game. it's a unique experience in more ways than one.

i am even hesitant to compare it to Indigo Prophecy, because it's so far beyond that game in more than just the obvious graphical upgrade. what's even more amazing is how the game makes you feel on an emotional level.

i have to say that there were scenes i've played where i really felt emotionally torn or sad, or regretful. those are feelings i, and i'm sure most of you all, don't experience when playing a game.

even though i'm not even halfway through the game (i think), i'm already itching for more games following this mold.

oh yeah, and the graphics are AMAZING. i just had to throw that out there. there are some characters (in particular some of the side characters, oddly enough), that look incredibly real.

anyone thinking the screenshots of the game were bullshots in some way are in for a surprise. it's ALL REAL. every single screen of the game we've seen that looked unbelievable is REAL.

Quantic Dream should be applauded and supported for daring to do something so unconventional in a market over-saturated with shooters.

on another note, i got the game for $23 at Gamestop. i got rid of two games i didn't want anymore (Prince of Persia and Borderlands), and got a nice $42 credit for it.

i'm not even bummed about the guy spoiling the killer's identity across the web, because the game is so much more than just that one element. it's the gameplay and engrossing world/narrative/choices/conseq uences that make this game special, not just a one off reveal of a killer.
redsquad  +   2012d ago
Spot on.

I feel like I'm in complete control of my character, even during the so-called QTE moments. The emotion of just the first ten minutes packs a wollap that I've never felt in a game (and even most movies)before and I don't care if the 'leaked ending' is true or not - HEAVY RAIN is such a compelling pleasure to play that it doesn't matter, so I'm delighted to declare that those grubby little savages have failed miserably.
Figboy  +   2012d ago
i think people on the internet, as usual, have been blowing the whole, "you have to drink orange juice at the beginning. LAWLZ!" out of proportion.

while playing that segment, i was just going through the paces of being this guy waking up in the morning and going through his routine, but it isn't until his wife and kids get home, and you have those interactions with her and the boys, that that intro really starts to affect you.


i genuinely felt bad when i chose to play with Shaun first, and Jason looked so dejected by it. then, i accidentally beat him in the sword fight. lol. i was trying to "lose" to make up for not paying with him first, but i ended up beating him! lol.

that scene in the mall was great too. i can't tell you how many times it drives me insane when i see parents not paying attention to their kids in the mall, and letting them run all over the place.

we don't have kids yet, but when we do, we're watching them like a frigging HAWK.

and then, when Shaun vanished, i was like, "my god, can Ethan's life get any WORSE?" and then, when i started going through "the trials," i was like, "yes, yes it can." so far, Heavy Rain has been one of the most emotionally engrossing games i've played since Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and the last sections of MGS4.


it's BRILLIANT game so far.

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