SCRAWL: Heavy Rain Review

Review summary: "Heavy Rain is a must buy for any PlayStation 3 owner. Offering eight different endings, player's choice of words, and a thrilling story that will have you on the edge of your seat, you'll want to play it over and over again. Of course, there's rewards for doing so such as trophies, unlockables and videos like the famous 2006 "Casting" video – but the real reward is experiencing the tale that Quantic Dream has to tell. You shape the futures of these four characters and it's up to you to decide what happens. Heavy Rain is one of a kind and truly the player's game."

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davekaos2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Bungie tryin 2 spoil sh!t again, get a life you tard.
I thought once you entered puberty you were supposed to mature??
Obviously not in your case

Just come to my attention that bungie always seems to be one of the 1st to comment on any ps3 exclusive game.
Do you even own a console?? because if you do why aint you playing on it instead of trolling on every article 24/7


anh_duong2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

now you can understand why there are nutcase terrorists trying to blow up america.. small minds will always be susceptible to hatred because it gives their meaningless life meaning...

you have people who get so fanatical about console preferences they lose grip of reality..

hating on inanimate console is pretty similar to religious fanatism and bigotry.. the mindset is very similar..

the day bin laden stops hating america is the day bungie stops trolling ps3 news..

the day someone hate consoles (either xbox or ps3) is the day they stop being a gamer.. sad

datapimp2982d ago

What is with the Haters? Just because the 360 is ending its life cycle does not mean to continue the fanboy war. Just remember there is plenty of room on the PS3 bus.

redsquad2982d ago

I like this comment from the review: "Heavy Rain is one of a kind and truly the player's game.". That's the one that explains why Bungie and his kind are so against it.