Cool your hot console with a radiator

For certain current-gen consoles (espectially those that start with an "X" and end with a "360?), overheating has been a recurring problem for many of us. I've seen all sorts of cooling fans that claim to help with the problem, and sometimes they do. That said, there doesn't appear to be a perfect solution, other than a redesign of the console's innards. This add-on takes a vastly different approach than those noisy fans.

This passive "heat radiator" lays on top of your (horizontal) sweltering console or computer. It's aluminum fins are said to dissipate the hot stuff, decreasing the heat retained inside your precious electronic gear.

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DirtyRat3822d ago

looks pretty neat, though my intercooler seems to be doing a fine job atm

SuperSaiyan43822d ago

Why? Because my 360 never overheats even with my PS3 on, 40inch HDTV on and with my door to my bedroom closed and when its around 25degrees celcius summer weather (am in the UK btw).

nobizlikesnowbiz3822d ago

Yea the newer Nyko Intercooler is working fine for me. I really noticed a difference in the warmth of the console. Before I bought it my Xbox was pretty warm whenever on for a while. Afterwards, not ever warm at all.

Silver3603822d ago

I have a launch system with the original Nyko never overheating with 90 deg temps. And my 360 is quieter than others too. My freind came over and was wow my sounds way louder than yours. Luck I guess considering all the problems other have.

WafflesID3822d ago

ok, this has got to be the most gimmicky 360 "accessory" I've seen to date.

I would love to see the numbers on how effective this may or may not be.

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