New multiplayer only FPS using Unreal Engine 3

Black Powder Red Earth is a new multiplayer-only FPS that combines stylised visuals and fast-moving tactical action with a persistent virtual marketplace and social network.

The game is co-designed by former US Special Operations Forces members and private security contractors with operational experience in 32 countries on four continents.

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Ebay3rd4108d ago

Seems like the new trend to make multiplayer only games, I love multiplayers as much as the next guy but doesn't that kinda limit your market...

DirtyRat4108d ago

I dont think so EA wouldn't make the battlefield series if it wasn't a success, and this sounds really original in terms of MP, I love the fact clans can purchase a franchise to make a real base in the world, a nice idea.

closedxxx4108d ago

This has me very interested. I'm all for some innovation in the multiplayer arena.
Multiplayer used to be a feature tacked onto the end of developement for many single player games. Since then, there hasn't been much innovation in the way the games setup is handled.
With the rise of online gaming, I am looking forward to developers evolving the multiplayer experience with more robust features surrounding the experience.

PS360WII4108d ago

Just what the gaming world needs another FPS......

I know I'll be getting disagrees with this one but come on! I know there are other genres out there for the systems but not as many as all these dang FPS

LeShin4108d ago

Nope, I totally agree with you! There's far too many fps coming out. Problem is, for some reason they sell well and the devs notice this so in turn they churn out more of them :(

THAMMER14108d ago

The only thing that ruins them is when devleopers go and cut and paste features or parts other games. I always get that you can not pour syrup on $#!t and call it pancakes feeling.

Sevir044107d ago

looks like thats the trend lately... EA and epic have been doing this but it looks like other companies have caught on including Sony. i wonder what this is about... i could use another good Multiplayer game and ofcourse the focus only on MP means they can optimize the UE3 to it's best without sacrificing quality for single player. i wonder if it will be a cross platform game or just for PCs