Teletext : Heavy Rain Review

Scenes are often made more confusing because you don't know something the character clearly does and the twist ending hinges entirely on the fact that you don't really know anything about them and are never in full control.

You aren't playing the game, the game is playing you.

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Parapraxis2946d ago needs to go away.

Bungie2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )


they're very reliable and not bias


you guys act like everybody hates the ps3 but when a game get a 10 it's all cool ,no need to get defensive the review is just 1 man's opinion

gaffyh2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

@Bungie - you forgot to add, "if they are reviewing a 360 game" to the end of that sentence.

Teletext are overly harsh to any PS3 games, I mean 4/10, WTF, when every other site gives the game 9+ and one site gives it 4/10, I think it's safe to assume that they are biased.

Edit: You only have to look at their other reviews of PS3 exclusives to see that they are too harsh. Logic suggests that they are biased, I'll still approve this though, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

StanLee2946d ago

Wow, what the fcuk?! This is as ridiculous as Destructoid's review of Assassin's Creed 2.

baum2946d ago

Did the contributor write this? Seems like it XD

Danteh2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

well before this gets to 1000 degres, about this site... at first (a year ago) I though they were just very harsh, but then as more games came out I realized they just didn't know sh!t about anything...

Look at metacritic and, in almost every AAA tittle, at the bottom, you'll see in yellow letters the Teletext review.

So stfu and learn to embrace a new idea, for gods sake "the game is playing you"??? In soviet russia maybe, not here ^^

Milky Joe2946d ago


I was thinking to myself as I clicked the link "How low is this going to be? I'm guessing 6 or 7."

Well, it seems I had underestimated them. Silly me xD

raztad2946d ago

You know something is wrong when the review score is 4/10 and the average score 9/10.

Keep it up Teletext. You are doing just fine. LOL

young juice2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

they gave Modern Warfare2 9/10, KILLZONE2 7/10 HALO ODST 7/10

WTF is wrong with these people 9/10 for modern warfare 2.

these people can suck a ****

UnSelf2946d ago

the origami killer is.........

lol kidding

Parapraxis2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

heads up.

@Glenn Quagmire below. You have no PS3.

2946d ago
xTruthx2946d ago

Been playing it for about 2 hours and its a 10/10 right now.

FACTUAL evidence2946d ago

I'm playing this right now....and i have to say, this is nowhere under a 9.0.

captain-obvious2946d ago

when a game get 9's all around
and then some website gives it a 4/10 out of no where

you know that there is something wrong

this website always been harsh on games
looking for hits ?

Hakimy2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

no need for feeling angry or annoyed by this review.first,it's from a site which we never heard before or at least by many and it's not a gaming site.and second,you should realize that you will always find one or 2 reviewers who won't love it and give it a low score whether how reasonable their reasons are.this reminds me of one of my favorite ps2 magazines.they were good for their demos but bad for their reviews.they gave DMC2 an 8 with 6 pages of coverage while giving kingdom hearts one page with 8 or 7 and they gave okami,one of the most beautiful,unique and best game last decade a 7 or 6 and called it boring! my point is,don't let one negative review from all the positive reviews ruin your mood.let the haters enjoy the written number (you see this 4? you like it,right? write it in your paper many times cus you love number 4 and this will make you your future son "4" if it'll make this happy) while gamers enjoy this innovative and unique's the haters loss,not ours ;)

DatNJDom812946d ago

Now my following comment is in no way trying to offend anyone. But I have to say this because I've been seeing a trend here. Does the UK really hate the PS3 that much? Many of the review site from the UK praise 360 for the smallest crap. Meanwhile, the PS3 gets sh!tted on for the most miniscule crap. I dont get it.

Please, UK readers, I'm not in anyway trying to diss or disrespect you guys. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of PS3 owners out there. But can you guys explain whats going on?

I see the bias as bad and in some cases worse than the american press. Now I know that most people in the west want the western console to win and thats cool. But when integrity is lost over personal feelings, then misinformation comes out. Ive seen this over and over again this gen and its really sickening. This article is a perfect example of that crap. Please, UK guys, enlighten me.

GreenRingOfLife2946d ago

This game is definitely not 4/10! I'd say heavy rain is at least 7.5/10

callahan092946d ago

This reviewer is the biggest F*CKING IDIOT in the gaming industry. A 4 out of 10? I'm not even going to bother reading the review. It's just unfair. It's wrong. Opinion doesn't even play into it, he's blatantly ignoring the actual qualities of this game and giving it a review based purely on his subjective views on the game. There's no objectivity here. Teletext is the biggest joke. Unbelievable. This guy has no appreciation for the hard work that went into this game and he has the most closed mind about what a videogame could be. It should be judged on what it does, not on what he thinks a videogame should be restricted to being. What an asshole. I'd like to see him create something and set it free for the world to judge and then let's see how he feels about criticism and what's constructive and what's just biased bullshit.

InfectedDK2946d ago

I don't care about this review..

menoyou2946d ago

Agreed. Any publication that allows a review score like this for a highly rated game cannot be taken seriously and must be boycotted.

Teletext has just lost all credibility and nothing will repair it. This sort of thing just cannot happen on a professional site, which means they aren't professionals.

thewhoopimen2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

To me 4 out of 10 is saying that a game is too buggy or flawed to play on top of mediocre gameplay... Something like a game crashing every time you reach some critical juncture. A game that is eminently polished and as playable as Heavy Rain shouldn't even be under 5. 5 is a game that works that brings nothing to the table whether in gameplay, story, or presentation.

There is something very wrong when a game review is considering a title as Heavy Rain to be less than average. It is already understood that this game isn't for everyone. However, there is undeniable polish in its presentation. It goes without saying the story is somewhat deep and meaningfully attempted. Gameplay may be its downfall (not that I feel that way but I can certainly understand other's view), but it is still has very responsive controls.

This is just plain bias.

I've been playing for the last 2 days and it is a very very good game. Certainly worth the 9s most game reviews have given it. The game intro was one of the most beautiful intros I have ever seen in gaming period.

SolidAhmed2946d ago

this score represents hate for sony

HighDefinition2946d ago

and I can confirm YES it is a game.


Dance2946d ago

Says the guy with the God Of War avatar

DOMination2946d ago

A really good read, seems pretty accurate.

Immortal Kaim2946d ago

I think people take these things way to seriously...

ico922946d ago

does anyone even use teletext for game reviews ?

darthv722946d ago

I mean, this game may not be for everybody but this is just deliberate.

thesummerofgeorge2946d ago

Anyone that gives a masterpiece like this a 4/10 shouldn't be reviewing games. Even if it's not your cup of tea, give credit where credit's due.

N4BmpS2946d ago

Anyone else notice how all the less reputable gamer sites gave a decent or above decent games like Heavy Rain a low score? I mean when spewing crap like this "Your only interaction with the game world is via quick time event sequences, where a twist of the stick opens a door or turns on a tap." only proves to me that they are very closed minded towards moving anything new. I think people got it twisted, it's not the XBOX360 that's holding innovation back, it's pathetic excuses for game reviewers like on this site. This guy thinks he's brutally honest, I think he's just stupid and didn't get the game. If you haven't read this review, good for you I implore you to not read this it's garbage.

ramon_v2946d ago

i'm probably going to get slammed/lose bubbles for this, but i have to say i kind of agree with a couple of the reviewer's points.

i wouldn't have given it a 4 though. that's just being sh!tty on their part and they probably did it to get hits on pure controversy... but i personally wouldn't have given it a 9 either.

this was my most anticipated game this year... by far. i really really wanted to love this game.

i played through it nonstop since i bought it last night and have to say i was really disappointed when i got to the end.

the game's high points are really high (character models, animation, music, setting, and generally "immersion") and it can be thrilling at times, but the bad ones are really bad. The voice acting is cringe worthy (although if you switch it over to French, I actually think it helps), some of the objects are really blocky and ugly looking, graphic wise, and the story is filled with plot holes that lead to many a WTF? moment.

THAT was my problem with it overall, as what they tried to do was so heavily dependent on the story that when that failed, the whole thing faltered.

I won't spoil anything and still feel as though everyone should go out and buy it and try it for themselves though.

I truly think Quantic Dream's next game could be a genre & console defining game experience and I can't wait for them to make it... all they need to do is repeat all the great stuff from Heavy Rain and then just hire a good editor to help them get the story right.

RememberThe3572946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

But instead of keeping their sh*t private teletext decided to pop all over this game. Whether you like this game or not this review lacks any purpose in that it does not help you decide whether YOU want this game. I think people have forgotten that the purpose of a review is to help people decide if they want to buy a game or not. Reviews are not op-eds.

EDIT: I'd love to see Bungie's and GreenLightOfLife's different PSN accounts. Cuz they both seem to play every single high profile PS3 exclusive and they seem to hate everyone of them. Right now I'm damn near certain that they are the same damn person.

K-Tuck2946d ago

They do need to GTFO. I could care less about their padding of hits by giving games low scores. Just look at this review! Every sentence is separated by a paragraph break.

Next think you know they'll be doing reviews in 140 characters or less.

otherZinc2946d ago

Also, the consumer will let you know how good this game is with their wallets!

I say the sales are going to be lower than low, there were 9 people at the midnight release. "9"!

ShadowCK2946d ago

As usual the morons here at N4G shout bias at a review for no good reason and demand to have this game above a 9/10 because of their pathetic insecurity. Get over it.

This AAA business is ridiculous and overrated. It should be:

70% = C - Very good
80% = B - Excellent
90% = A - Outstanding

Heavy Rain is a B. Which is obviously not a bad thing.

aaron58292946d ago

Please contribute another 10 or so reviews from "sites" that almost all gamers dont rely on.... and they must score less than 4/10 ...

And I'll still buy it day 1.

Thanks :)

WildArmed2946d ago

well i wasn't really surprised.

after all Bungie submitted the article.

Luckily, one guy won't chance the fact that the game is AMAZING.
Some people just dont have taste, it's ok. I won't flame him for it.


I looked it up in the Dictionary and a 4/10=MEGA FLOP!

vhero2945d ago

ooooh I knew this article would be flamebait.

ProjectVulcan2945d ago

They have a right to score the game as they please, but the article has to justify their final decision for me. I did not feel the article remotely justified the score it was given. Poor review whether you agree with the score or not

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FiftyFourPointTwo2946d ago

"You aren't playing the game, the game is playing you."

LOL. That's exactly what Project Floptal is.

2946d ago
2946d ago
wikia2946d ago

When the majority of the sites gave HR a 9 or 10....
Where are all the 360 fanboys?
When a couple of sites gave it a 4 or 7
They all flock in.

TROLL EATER2946d ago

4/10 ahahhahaha first mediocre action game(MAG) now heavy fail. wot a lame start for ps3

Anorexorcist2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

This is certainly no lame start for the PS3. BTW has the Xbox 360 even started at all yet this year (both I mean in the software sense as in has it had any good games and the hardware sense as in has it recovered from the plethora of embarrassing RRoD's yet?)

Well this isn't how it all started. It really all started with all the 9's and 9.5's Heavy Rain was getting from actually well-known gaming review outlets, like Game Informer, IGN, Gamepro, Gamespot, ect. No your eyes and ears where completely protected then.

Now when some hardly-known review outlet posts some extreme review, then that's when you come out of the basement and look at the situation. Get a f*cking life, kid. One day you won't have to rely on your parents to buy you a single gaming system once a generation.

redsquad2946d ago

So glad you took on the image of someone so sexually inadequate for your avatar, as you seem to fit the bill perfectly.

Snake Raiser2946d ago

obviously this is the only review that counts and all of the actual professional gaming sites can be completely thrown out. (sarcasm) Perfect logic there troll eater.

Ronster3162946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

So you admit that Heavy Buttons is playing you just like natal is?

Mind you, they both have somthing in common, CRAPPY WAGGLE.

One with a pad and one with your bare hands.

Cletus2945d ago

Yall can tell who dunt care about milk and cookies frum Sony.

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FangBlade2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

4/10? he must be a MW2 fnatic.

@ Bungie
It doesnt matter if they're on metacritic, Heavy Rain is already AAA title so one bad review wont make a difference.

Bungie2946d ago

i don't think you know what AAA means

anyway why would you think they must be a MW2 fnatic ?

oohWii2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Finally a reviewer that isn't drinking the BS Sony Kool-Aid. I agree with almost everything they said. You actually don't get to play this games you just follow along as it plays you.

@Milky Joe - Downplay it all you want, you know it's true. Press "X" watch the video, press "O" watch the video. Shake the sixaxis want her take off her cloths. Hell, the nudity is probably to biggest selling point for most of you little pervs.

Ghoul2946d ago

bungie YOU dont know what AAA means.

AAA = a game with high production value/quality and huge budgets. Most of the time without a struggling deadline so you can freak out a little.

im in the games industry (designer) my friend so dont even try to argue with me.

most of you gameheads still think AAA is bound to the score the game receives....

Milky Joe2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

You're totally right, ohhWii. Infact, now I think about it, I don't remember shooting ANYONE in the demo... Obviously isn't a real game.

-Alpha2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

AAA is 90% + scores.

AA is 80% scores

A is 70% scores.

Just because a game is high production does not mean it's AAA, AAA is more of a grading system.

Anyways, this review is definitely very off to the standard, but a very low score was bound to hit the web, it always happens. This isn't even a gaming website, and the average is still high AA-AAA, so people need to calm down. Look who submitted it. By getting angry over it you are only playing into his hands ;)


Okay, sorry, I misunderstood the definition, thought it didn't include the excellency, just the quality (which doesn't always mean it is excellent).

Parapraxis2946d ago
"AAA, or Triple-A, may be a three-letter acronym or may just mean something that is high-quality, premier, or excellent.

In the video game industry, AAA game is an informal description for a video game that has a high budget."

chidori6662946d ago

you are fu*king troll man!

baum2946d ago

"AAA is 90% + scores.

AA is 80% scores

A is 70% scores.

Just because a game is high production does not mean it's AAA, AAA is more of a grading system. "

One of the most retarded attempts at legitimizing fanboyism.

RememberThe3572946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The "AAA" thing boils down to budget. Sorry Alpha but terms are not what you make them. AAA refers to a title that has a relatively big budget and lots of PR support.

If fans want to use the term we need to use it properly.

Socrates2946d ago

If, as you guys claim, a big budget and high production values are what make a game AAA then by that definition Too Human and Lair were AAA games. Obviously that isn't the case.

To be considered AAA a game usually has to have high scores as well as have relatively high sales. THAT is a AAA game.

I agree that it is a kind of poorly defined term, but it definitely doesn't mean simply a game that has a big budget.

RememberThe3572946d ago

AAA does not refer to quality, it refers to budget. And no we're not the only ones saying this, this is how it is. So stop using the term wrong, and changing it to fit a fanboy definition. Both me and Parapraxis posted links and those links have even more links.

AAA is not a fanboy term it's a PR term. This term was used when PR people were trying to hype games with big budgets. Over time the meaning has been confused with quality, which is basically what the PR people wanted in the first place. However, a game like Valkyria Chronicles will never be considered a AAA title (no matter how good - and it's really good) because it didn't have the budget and marketing that a AAA title has. Lair on the other hand, was a AAA title because, even though it sucked, it had a big budget and lots of marketing.

baum2946d ago

"If, as you guys claim, a big budget and high production values are what make a game AAA then by that definition Too Human and Lair were AAA games. Obviously that isn't the case"

Uh... "Obviously" because you are using the fanboy's definition that is firmly imprinted in your mind. "AAA" is used for bragging rights by fanboys, but it is nothing but a high budget game. If Lair and Too Human were AAA by that definition, then so be it. It's a good reason for people to stop being retards and using a term they don't even understand.

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Bungie2946d ago

i kinda agree with the review

innovation could get you so far

damn it's on metacritic too

2946d ago
D4RkNIKON2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

You agree with the review because you played through the game? Or you agree that this game is worth 4/10 because you don't want it to score well.

Bungie.. Innovation is risky, that is why Halo sticks to a formula proven to work without using innovative ideas. Innovation is progress and that is why the 360 is being left behind just like the DVD's they use.

Bungie2946d ago


i agree with the written review , i think the voice acting is a little weird .

as for the score i don't know about that, i think it should get at least a 6/10

Parapraxis2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

"as for the score i don't know about that, i think it should get at least a 6/10 "
Yeah, It's not like YOU submitted this review.
..oh wait, you did.
What are you, 5?

\/ \/ \/ \/

bubble harbinger2946d ago

Certain comments regarding IP addresses point towards you being the one to broadcast the killer in Heavy Rain on this site. Your blatent hate is nothing short of embarrassing. Enjoy your bubbles, for they will soon be gone.

UP2946d ago

You say innovation can only get you so far huh.

UP2946d ago

what was the disagree for(if it was not from bungie of course). I mean really i just posting a page that shows bungie contradicting himself.

ZombieNinjaPanda2946d ago

I want to know why the mods haven't gotten rid of Bungie yet. It's obvious he's a giant troll, and an annoying one at that.