Sony admits the PSPgo price may have been a bit high

Sony has admitted today that the price of the PSPgo may have been too high and it turned off consumers. In an odd turn of events, the platform holder has determined that maybe it was silly to charge more for a product that does less. Who could have imagined?

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Cold 20002285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

"Sony admits the PSPgo price may have been a bit high"

They cant be serious. So its only NOW that they realise...

evrfighter2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

ya it is true that sony fanboys are easily exploited but come on. They really pulled out all the stops to milk the GO. Probably the first time ever I've seen the Sony faithful realize Sony is ripping them off. So they gain a couple of respect points from me.

Don't need one, pic of my setup is in my bio if you wanna know why.

Genesis52285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

OK Mister $99 wifi adapter you've had your say. I thought about getting one though but not at the launch price.

Aquarius2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

the 360 is as well you fool, along with its overpriced ANCIENT dvds.

UnwanteDreamz2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Oh surprise! Cold and Everfighter found their way into a negative Sony article.

The Go is overpriced and it is no secret.

@ Below

So true I saved my cash I could have spent on a Go and bought another PS3 for the family. (I have been told I don't know how to share mine)

-Alpha2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I strongly doubt Ps3 fans are ripped off, especially this gen. Last gen, maybe, but this gen the shoe is on the other foot. I'm not a big portable gamer, but yeah, the GO was overpriced.

The main thing I think was that the GO is not even the PSP2 and if rumors about the PSP2 coming out soon are true it makes the GO quite worthless. I think Sony should have waited to go Digital until the PSP2. Of course, the GO does suffer from piracy so I suppose it's a learning experience.

If the PSP is at the end of its cycle, and it looks like it is, it's only a matter of time before PSP2 is announced, it makes no sense that Sony made an even more EXPENSIVE portable device that was still considered "PSP1".

They should have made a much cheaper PSP 3000 or 4000 to sell out the last of the PSP's or not made any mention at all in order to focus on PSP2.

Regardless, I suppose Portable Gamers who are hardcore enjoy the PSP GO. Personally I'd put the money towards a 360 or a PS3 slim.

D4RkNIKON2285d ago

I would have bought it day one if it was like $179.99 even $189.99

Chris3992285d ago

I paid about $800 (650 or so, plus a warranty) for my PS3 many years ago. Early adopters always get screwed on cost.

As a Go owner, the only complaint I have is regarding the sparse library. We get like 1-2 titles drip fed to us each week. It's not enough, especially when the Japanese Store is updated with PSP legacy (and new games) almost EVERY day of the week.

I imagine that they're saving the flood for the Go relaunch and accompanying price drop.

But other than this, and the initial investment, the Go is a wonderful device. Better screen, functionality and portability. The Blue-tooth headset option really cuts down on the clutter between devices too, you can swap from a phone head-set to the Go's sound output in a flash (picked up a fantastic Motorola factory-bulk headset for like $40 off of Newegg).

zeeshan2285d ago

Yup, GO was expensive and had lesser features but I think that if they had lowered the price of all the digital downloads and I am talking about cheap as iphone games, GO could done a lot better. I think GO was Sony's fishing attempt. Maybe they were testing waters and I guess by now, they must have realized what people would want to see in PSP2. Hopefully, they'll learn from their mistakes.

Dance2285d ago

Took them long enough

darthv722285d ago

which is why I have been scouring craigs list for ones cheaper. I see them averaging around $160-180.

I like the idea of the go but aside from the price, they should have thought about those who invested in umd's. Come up with some type of trade in voucher program.

IdleLeeSiuLung2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Sony knew all along it was over priced, they were just hoping nobody noticed!

Reality is that technically, the PSP Go wasn't overpriced. If you look at the Zune HD or the iTouch, you realize that the PSP Go wasn't that costly. It's just that there was a superior product for less, it's called the PSP-3000. Effectively they just competed with themselves.

With gaming, you want them in the door and then profit from the accessories and games (see MS or Apple for a perfect example of this). Not the other way around, but I guess piracy must be a huge issue on the PSP.....

The only thing is, didn't they learn with the PS3 that arguably has more features than the competition, yet the PSP Go has less and cost more. WTF!!!

cmrbe2285d ago

Really?. How well did the PS3 sold at $600?. PS fans are very shrewd bunch. They are not like the x360 bunch that are very very easy on MS. Truth is PS fans are spoiled by Sony for a long time and such its hard to impress them.

IdleLeeSiuLung2285d ago

Really? Sony's customer is a shrewd bunch that are hard to impress.

They way I see it, MS just ate out of Sony's market. A big chunk of the 360 customers used to be PS2 owners! We all know MS didn't get their customers from the Wii/Gamecube crowd....

Sarcasm2285d ago

Captain Obvious is around here somewhere isn't he?

himdeel2285d ago

...cracks me up! I considered getting a PSP but every time I consider it I feel like something new comes out that makes me very hesitant. Revision of SKUs for handhelds scare me :(

shadow27972285d ago

It's called price skimming. They were trying to recover money spent on R&D to develop it early in the handheld's life.

I for one am glad the Go exists, if it had been cheaper, I would have bought it. But my new 3000 is better because the Go exists. I love all the downloadable games in the PSN Store.

And when the price drops on the Go, it will push the 3000 to drop too. Unless they release the 4000, which seems to be their strategy. Offer more features for the same price instead of dropping the price. They're playing the value card and I'm not sure it was the best decision. But I'm happy with my PSP, so I guess I can't complain.

cmrbe2285d ago

really?. If so why aren't there near 100 million x360 owners?. The x360 is already $199 with most of PS the biggest 3rd party PS exclusives from last gen and yet it hasen't reach 50 million yet in over 4 years.

No dude your are wrong. Most of the current x360 owners are xbox fans that had no choice but to migrate when the xbox was pulled.

IdleLeeSiuLung2284d ago

So you are saying that the 24 million Xbox users carried over, then what about the remaining 14 million to close that gap of 38 million for Xbox 360?

Are you saying they are all new customers that are first time gamer or are you saying it came from the Gamecube/Wii customers? Explain how the 14 additional million users came from?

I'm not saying all 100 million moved over, I'm saying a chunk of them moved over. Don't put words in my mouth.

Sony and MS is eating off the same plate. Wii is the only one with their own bowl!!!

lephunk2284d ago

i love you and all... but seriously?

VenGencE9992284d ago

let me let you in on a little secret that seems to escape most folks when talking about the xbox user base. that number is GREATLY inflated due to the high failure rate. between me and my brothers we have bought 6 360's. that's 2 per person for those wanting to add things up. not re-manufactured or repaired but new. of course this was before the new warranty deal, but still, I'm sure there are many others that have done the same thing.

IdleLeeSiuLung2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

So you are saying you (and your brother) went out and bought 6 brand new Xbox'es because they keep failing on you?

It sounds so stupid that I have a hard time believing you. Am I to believe that you are stupid enough to buy 6 after they repeatedly broke or that you are lying? Who in their right mind buys something 6 times at an average cost of $250 (judging from the time frame) to have it repeatedly break? Not only that, but the warranty should cover it!

With that in mind, then that doesn't explain why MS sells outrageous amount of software and accessories compared to the competition even when the competition is unaffected by software piracy. I mean there is a huge freaking piracy/modding scene around the 360.

So tell me, is it that the Xbox 360 gamers just buy so much more software and accessory than the competition or the fact that the number of broken machines aren't that significant?

I would venture to say that is probably somewhere in between, which still doesn't explain where the additional customers MS got from! I would say they are PS2 owners, no doubt.

cmrbe2284d ago

that moved to the x360 because of the wii and hate PS. Believe it or not the gaming market expands year after year so that also counts. There are alot of new kid/young gamers that bought their first consoles this gen just like last gen which adds on to existing gamers from previous gens. This is not rocket science.

Fact is of 7 people i know who have x360 3 bought secondary x360 because all of them suffered PROD. Look around and you will find that this type of situation is the norm. The x360 after all has the highest failure rate in the history of electronics devices. Put you head in the sand and pretend that this is not true. Weather you like it or not i am telling the truth from my expereince as well as many.

So 14 million minus multiple purchase plus new gamers plus GC hardcore gamers at best you are looking at perhaps 7 million PS owners that might have been multi-console owners from last gen to begin with. Is 7 million a big chunk out of the 140 million PS2 userbase?. Is 7 million a big chunk of 38 million. I don't think so. Big chunk in 30-40%.

IdleLeeSiuLung2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

OK, if you say so. You keep believing that....

But from your little bubble, you extracted what MUST have happened to everyone else and call that the truth. Yet, it still doesn't explain the brisk software and accessory sale.

I mean, unless you think people will also buy new accessories/games to replace their current ones when they get a new Xbox 360 machine?

PS2 is the largest last generation, it is only natural that they loose part of that market share when they alienated some of their customers with the initial high price of the PS3. Most of the GC people will stay on the Wii. The hardcore gamers last generation was mostly on the PS2 and second console owners and modders got the original Xbox.

Right now, MS and Sony share the same pool of gamers. Plain and simple!

"Is 7 million a big chunk of 38 million. I don't think so. Big chunk in 30-40%. "

Even by your conservative estimate, 7 million is almost 20%. If that is not a big chunck I don't know.... Whatever MS does from now, it just means it is eating out of somebody else's pie since last generation. They got more than 50% more users this generation than last so far.

Meryl2283d ago

^^ I agree that some PS fans did indeed jump on the x360 bandwagon, but now that PS3 is more affordable, all I hear from the people I know that did so, is how they are buying a PS3 this year, dude the PS fans are now returning!!

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testerg352285d ago

lol.. no sh!t sherlock.

AngryFork2285d ago

I fully believe the Go was a last ditch effort to get as much profit out of the PSP as possible before they announce PSP2 at this E3 (Hopefully, with 2 analog sticks).

I didn't get one, 250 was way too much, it looks nice and all but it needed more features to warrant that price.

whoelse2285d ago

And the PSP2 could be backwards compatible, but with downloads only of course.

Asuka2285d ago

I agree. The PSP has always been a bit lack luster. Sony is of course aware of this, and probably released the redesigned PSPGo as a last ditch effort. The Go design could even be a test model(not just hardware, but marketing as well with the whole DLC thing) as to see how they would approach the final build of the PSP2. It makes some sense, for by releasing the PSPGo, they are able to take survey what works and what doesn't, while still being able to get whatever is left out of the PSP.

I know alot of people think E3 is a bit too early for PSP2, but it would fit into Sony's normal to announce and show a prototype of some sorts. It has been about 5 years since PSP original release. This is assume their handheld marketing model is similar to that of their consoles. So basically, i think it is reasonable to say PSP2 will be revealed at this years E3, but not see an actual release until fall 2011 or early spring 2012. But hell, who knows really!? I just want one with 2 analog sticks please!!!!

Question: Analog sticks, or nubs(like the nub on the current models)? I dont see how you can an actually analog stick on a portable device. Would be interesting =P

CBaoth2285d ago

but there's way too many high profile games coming out this year like KH and Peace Walker to announce the 2 at this year's E3. Too many people are setting themselves up for disappointment methinks. 1) It would be a sales detriment to both Sony and its 3rd parties to announce it so early in the summer. And 2) Wouldn't it make more sense to unveil it at TGS seeing how successful it is in Japan? It could ride the fall momentum buzz and release in spring 2011 Japan, & fall NA 2011. Like MS did with the 360, I think Sony needs to get psp2 out before Nintendo's next handheld is released. 2012 belongs to the consoles. Just my 2 cents

NeutralGamer2285d ago

I payed full price for this PSP Go just 2 months ago -_-
Screw Sony...

Now they are lowering the price and giving free games with the PSP Go

Ju2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I got one and I love it. Sure it was 249 and I expected the price to drop at some point. But, so what. Happens all the time. My kids would trade any day. Its just so much more comfortable than the phat and bluetooth works just great. How does it have less features ?

BTW: If I would count the money I saved because my two boys and me can play the same games on 3 PSPs alone justifies downloadble games - and the PSP price and the memory cards for the other two 3000.

Karum2285d ago

If you were going to be pissed about the price coming down, as it always does with hardware, why not wait?

Anything that is new, regardless of what it is will always start out at a high price, even the cheap as chips Xbox 360. These things then come down in price, that's the downside of being an early adopter for any electronics.

NeutralGamer2285d ago

True that prices of all consoles drop over time...
But 25 % cut after just 1 month? And a free game means alot, considering the fact that PSN have overpriced games for us PSP Go users...

Karum2283d ago

Wasn't aware they've cut the price of it.

Also not sure about the US but over here in Europe the free game they gave away was open to all PSP Go owners.

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