New StarCraft 2 Beta Wave Today

Today yet another group of StarCraft 2 fans have received, and are receiving, their keys.

Some IncGamers staff and StarCraft 2 fansites' staff that did not make it into the first wave received more beta keys today.

The news seems to confirm rumours that more keys would be sent out today.

If you are a key holder and not received your key by tonight or tomorrow, you're likely going to get into the following wave. We do not have an official word on the next wave yet, we assume blizzard are busy with the one which is still in progress.

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Cogo3213d ago

Hehe, lambs to the slaughter, ey? :)

Leord3213d ago

More experienced players would rarely end up in fights against less experienced ditto.

Recka3213d ago

So if I get opt in, I can fight other noobs? WIN! XD

Cogo3213d ago

Yes, it will be noob versus noob :)

captain-obvious3213d ago

sucks for those that payed 300$ to get one

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1ThorsHammer3213d ago

Hopefully this time. Hopefully THIS TIME!

Leord3213d ago

I can feel the pain in your orange avatar ;)

Recka3213d ago

Bit harsh Leord, "Make you suffer while you wait n see for key LOL!"

wicko3213d ago

Crossing my fingers ><

I've been watching replays though, you can download the beta and patch it so you can at least watch people play and check out the new units and abilities.

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Leord3213d ago

Great news. Hope more of my friends get no now.

Cogo3213d ago

I only have like 2 actual friends there. Rest is just doing random matches :)

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The story is too old to be commented.