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DualShockers Review: Bioshock 2

DualShockers writes: "When 2K decided to return to Rapture, many gamers were hesitant to react. Should 2K return to the site of one of the most popular games in history? How would it compare to the classic feel of Bioshock? One thing we learned in the first installment of the Bioshock series was that the underwater city of Rapture was not only vast, but barely even explored the first time around. What surprises and treasures would await gamers as they made their way through the cold, dark, watery city of despair? Could anything that happened even touch the epic ending of the first game? Gamers are getting their chance to return to Rapture to find out exactly what other mysteries lies beneath the waves in the failed city of hope." (BioShock 2, PS3, Xbox 360) 9/10

iiprotocolii  +   1649d ago
I was in love with the first one. I'm dying to seriously get into this game; once I get the chance, it's definitely a game I'm going to purchase. Good review; back to the world of Rapture. [insert scary 1940's music here]
El_Colombiano  +   1649d ago
Heavy Rain spolier down there guys!
Chadness  +   1649d ago
If I could get past the FPS aspect, I might enjoy these titles. I did like the atmosphere of the first one, but that was about it, to be honest. Just not my type of game.
Ninferno  +   1649d ago
bioshock 2 is great, and DLC is coming soon!
IG_DARKSA1NT  +   1649d ago
Love this game!
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kvg88  +   1649d ago
Seriously, I did not think BS2 could top the first one
but to me, it does on so many levels - gameplay, story telling (let's just say there is one sequence that is nothing short of brilliant) and emotional connection to the character(s). The multiplayer is pretty good as well - looking forward to DLC.
FIZZYVIMTO  +   1649d ago
Brilliant game and i realy can't wait for the DLC still only level 11 online. gotta keep capturing that sister :)
taz8080  +   1649d ago
Multi and LDC is like icing on the cake. The first one could have benefitted form those as well.
Hitman0769  +   1649d ago
Was on the fence about this one, can't wait to read the review from a serious gamer!
Hitman0769  +   1649d ago
Nice, looks much better then part 1. Still on the fence about this, will have to read this review carefully a few times.
AzarVC  +   1649d ago
After Bioshock 1, I need to play this game.
Tomarcus  +   1648d ago
I need to play Bioshock 1. The first attempt at that made me not to keen on Bioshock. The review makes me want to give this series a second shot.

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