Conspiracy announce 9 Wii exclusive titles

Publisher Conspiracy Entertainment have announced they will publish nine Wii-exclusive titles in the USA during the rest of this year.

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texism4186d ago

wait...Ninjabread man? Sounds AAA

tplarkin74186d ago

"9 exlusive Wii titles" means "we have a ton of old PS2 games that we can port".

PS360WII4186d ago

Heh fun stuff. Not sure about the (we are assured are AAA) thing but hey 9 more exclusives for Wii!

Kind of crazy that they have 30 games in production right now though.

Ebay3rd4186d ago

New Wii Games = Great ... Can't really base the quality of Wii games soley on the name, I mean the console just sucks you right in...

BIadestarX4186d ago

Wii is fun and all... due to the wiimote... but why most wii games feel like they can all be mini or arcade games that can be downloaded of xbox live or the PSN network... with the exception of the wiimote?

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