How An Insomniac Games Failure Created Today's Ratchet & Clank

Ted Price: "It [Ratchet & Clank] started out as as a game about a girl with a stick running around this Mayan-influenced environment and was probably going to be rated M [mature] if it had ever been released," said Price, laughing. "Not because of the girl but because it was a fairly dark game."

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"When we showed it to Sony, who was our publisher, they said 'look, we'll support you with this, if you wanna release it, it's cool, but we don't think it's gonna do well in the market.'" said Price. "And that was a real wakeup call for me and I had to admit that we needed to kill this one and start over."

Love how Sony is always supportive. Jaffe himself said that Sony really offers you creative freedom unlike no other: I cannot help but think that Activision, for example, played a large hand in dumbing down IW's Modern Warfare.

I would like to see this "girl with a stick" game though lol.

That was a real nice read.

I think Resistance strayed far away from Insomniac though. Resistance is dark, and quite frankly it's not Insomniac's style IMO. I cannot deny that these guys deliver THE most constant stream of AA-AAA titles for the PS3, but I did not like Resistance coming from Insomniac. I always loved Insomniac for their spunky attitude, humor, and platforming fun with their franchises. Resistance had no character, Nathan Hale was so generic, the story tried to be really serious, and it was just another FPS. Granted that they pioneered the huge MP games for the PS3, but Insomniac is way better than Resistance IMO. I am surprised to hear that they OK'd Resistance but not this "girl with a stick" game that clearly sounds much more original.

I know they are working on new IPs and I'd love for them to return to their platforming greatness. Spyro, Ratchet, I want the next evolution of their mascot. Jak and Daxter, R&C, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash-- these are some of Sony's best platforming legacies and I simply want another one of these light-hearted platforming games. R&C has run its course (disappointed they didn't include MP this gen-- they had "platform Multiplayer" even before UC2) and I am hoping for a new game in spiritual success to R&C and Spyro.


I definitely applaud Insomniac for that, but I'd rather have seen "girl on a stick" over "alternate WWII FPS" I know Resistance has its fans, and I understand why, but I could never get into the series.

ActionBastard2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I'm one of those guys that falls into the "I really like Resistance and R2". Not only enjoying the lore of the alternate WWII, I like seeing the versatility Insomniac flexes. Sure things in both games' execution could be better, but no game is perfect. I'm very curious what R3 will unleash as PS3 games seem (at least to me) to be competing with each other in terms of gameplay/graphics.

EDIT: @ Alpha
I'd like to see "girl with a stick", but at the expense of Resistance. Bygones :)

alphakennybody2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

I thought resistance was great, if they can blend R1's darker atmosphere + campaign co-op and R2 great multiplayer R3 would be perfect. As much as I enjoyed the weapon wheel in R1 I prefered the 2 weapons slot in R2, it helps you experiment every weapons pros and con just like in K2 which I loved.

Canucks232855d ago

I remember the Resistance 2 private beta was called "Girl With a Stick" cool backstory.

AntoineDcoolette2855d ago

"I know they are working on new IPs and I'd love for them to return to their platforming greatness. Spyro, Ratchet, I want the next evolution of their mascot. Jak and Daxter, R&C, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash-- these are some of Sony's best platforming legacies and I simply want another one of these light-hearted platforming games."

Their mascot? Whose mascot? Insomniac did Spyro. Naughty Dog did Jak & Daxter & Crash. Sucker Punch did Sly Cooper... and from what I understand ND sold the rights to Crash to another studio and Insomniac sold the rights to Spyro to another studio... just not sure what you're saying here.

Bathyj2854d ago

Couldnt disagree with you more about Resistance. I think its one of the best launch titles of all time, up there with Mario64 and Halo.

Its frame rate is like butter, probably one of the best of console to this day. The alternate history is a great shot in the arm to the stagnate WWII genre and the weapons were inspired. One of my favourite shooters. And part 2 just turned everything up to 11. Great sequel, marred only by a few graphical hiccups, but forgivable given the scale of the action.

I do agree Hale could have had a bit more personality though, but its a small gripe when everything else is getting nailed. It never hurt Gordon Freeman none, he has no personality.

ReservoirDog3162854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I actually liked Resistance 1. R2 had its problems but it was still pretty good on all fronts, especially the co op.

But R&C, that's a whole different story. R&C is easily one of my favorite franchises in all video games. I just finished ACiT the other day and it was great. Arguably the best in the series. Whether they'll continue making R&C remains to be seen but I'll always buy Insomniac's games day 1.

edit: Also, I really liked that Insomniac admitted that R2 wasn't too great. Hopefully that means they'll bring back the weapons wheel from R1 (or more specifically, R&C). That was really the biggest negative in R2.

edit edit: Is there anyone else that's kinda hesitant to read comments since the whole Heavy Rain spoilers thing?

-Alpha2854d ago

I meant that all those games were all similar in that they were made by the Holy Trinity of Sony Platforming: Naughty Dog The Father, Insomniac the Spirit, and Sucker Punch the Holy Spirit.

They all evolved this gen with new IPs with...*gasp* Humans! But I miss the old days of spunky creative characters. A thief raccoon? A Lombax Alien? An Elf looking Punk? A cute little dragon? Those were some of the best.

N4BmpS2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Oh memories with Insomniac, their cool developers. Hopefully those rumors of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time being the final one weren't true, obviously the series has a lot of life left. Oh I also want Resistance 3 please.

@ AM yeah they are the top dogs(no pun intended for ND) for Sony, in away they promote each other.

JustTheFactsMr2854d ago

It took a few levels to get going but once you hit Manchester level wow what a great ride. There were enough great levels that you could play with different approaches and you had to work for each approach.

R2 not so much. Even the bigger more "open" levels were very linear in comparison.

And dropping the weapon wheel in R2 was just stupid as it seriously cut down on the replay value and was one of the key signature features of RFOM that set it apart from generic shooters.

The fact is Insomniac spent too much time listening to the focus groups on R2 rather than following their original vision of Resistance. Hopefully they will return to it in R3.

Nineball21122854d ago

@ Canucks23 - "I remember the Resistance 2 private beta was called "Girl With a Stick" cool backstory."

Dude! That's right! I had forgot about that and until now, didn't understand what the significance was... great catch! Bubbles...

@ Bathyj - I couldn't agree with you more. Resistance 1 & 2 have been some of my better gaming experiences so far this gen. I loved both games, although I think I actually prefered the first one.

Insomniac are just great game developers all the way around, imo.

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alphakennybody2855d ago

hehe a girl with a stick,I heard about it years ago and still sounds erotic to this day. I wonder if they ever released some artworks I'd like to see it...speaking of sticks teehee

BrokenAnarchy2854d ago

They actually named the Resistance 2 private beta "Girl with a Stick" =P I still have it on my HDD.

unrealgamer582855d ago

resistance 3 better have resistance 1 gameplay.

im mother [email protected] serious insomniac

tiamat52854d ago

For real. I want my tank, jeep and mech back. Also a narrated story and all my weapons in my hand. Screw Halo and Gears with their 2-4 weapons at a time. ALL MY WEAPONS. I don't care how unrealistic it is.

Bathyj2854d ago

Yeah, I really hate the whole, "lets carry two guns, cos Halo did" thing.

I like to experiment and use different weapons at different times. How many times have you thought, man I wish I had that gun here, but I had to drop it to get the shotty.

The weapon wheel has to come back.

tiamat52854d ago

First Kratos was an elf and now Ratchet was a girl with a stick. What next? Was Jak a blue horse on roller skates?

Bathyj2854d ago

Hes not blue now, but he gets upset when he watches The Godfather.

prodg522854d ago

will be there first IP for motion controls!

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