PS3 Preview: Socom: Confrontation

Would you have ever imagined that Socom would amass a fan base as rabid and dedicated as Counterstrike's? Honestly, as much as I loved the first two games, I didn't think that the online console shooter would be anywhere near as popular as it is today. I had thought that the gamespace was still not ready for online shooters like Socom, but I was clearly proven wrong. The Socom franchise made lots of waves for gamer and Sony alike, and despite some of its recent downfalls, the PlayStation 3 iteration will surely correct all of that.

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rowdy 13767d ago

This will be a good little snack until they come out with SOCOM 4. Though I'll be playing Warhawk, I'll still have to get my SOCOM on. I still play Combined Assault. We have a full 32 man roster in our clan, and we're going to start some kind of SOCOM building or house when HOME is complete. Ohh the possibilities.

Silvanos3767d ago

Agreed, SOCOM is one of my favorite video games and I can't wait to play the classic maps with updated graphics.

kalistyles3767d ago

I will be playing this one for sure. If any good clans are out there, hit me up. I'm quality at its finest when it comes to Socom. Ho-rah!!

1337 gamer3767d ago

nothing could beat counterstirke ! best online game ever !! surprised the fan base is that big for socom.

BubblesDAVERAGE3767d ago

Online multiplayer will be hot this matter what system you even if u got a wii if ssmb makes it online i will be getting one

Delive3767d ago

from 2 until CA. I'm in the Warhawk beta now and I must admit, I'm gonna have a hard time balancing time between the 2. I might have to put off other games I would like t try, Sorry GTA IV, you might miss out.

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The story is too old to be commented.