9.0 Heavy Rain Review "In the end Heavy Rain isn't a game for everyone. Quick time events and somewhat linear gameplay might turn off some people from the concept, but anyone that sits down to give it a try will be greatly rewarded. Heavy Rain isn't about getting the best ending, beating the game in the fastest time, or boasting over any sort of multiplayer. Much like sitting and watching a movie, Heavy Rain is about having an emotional experience. There's something to be said about finding a game that provokes action not to receive a reward, but simply to do the right thing. Whether it's taking care of your son, or trying to stop a serial killer, wanting to make things right is the biggest (and best) part of Heavy Rain."

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Sanrin3014d ago

Awesome game, a breath of fresh air in a sea of FPS and RPG games.

mephman3014d ago

It's also not about World War 2!

Kyll3014d ago

man, I loved the demo, so getting this on Friday!

mephman3013d ago

It's well worth the investment. :)