H&G: Clive Barker Talks Games As Art, Jericho

In the first keynote from the Hollywood & Games Summit in Los Angeles today, horror writer and director Clive Barker discussed games as art, Roger Ebert, and his proposed Jericho game trilogy.

But what about the story of Jericho made it suitable for games? Barker noted: "The concept of Jericho? is that there's this evil f*ck that lives in the Sahara... [the plot involves] an assassination attempt upon a creature that gives the devil the shivers."

He grinned: "It would make a f*cking terrible novel. It really would, it doesn't work! It screams out to be something other. Maybe if games hadn't existed, I would've made it a movie. But I much prefer the idea of having twenty hours to play this world, to enter this labyrinth than the two hours or the way movies are going now. I don't know what it is with people, my bum gets sore! I like pirates and all, but jeez!"

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aggh im on fire4104d ago

It's nice to read that someone like Clive is looking at creating games on the consoles and not poorly executed films pretending to be games. So many directors and writers come into the games market expecting to make some bucks but have never played games yet alone have any understanding on what makes good gameplay.
Im not saying that Clive's game will be a hit but at least he has some understanding of the format and the imagination to bring onboard.