Ron Paul 2008 On G4TV Attack Of The Show

Ron Paul the greatest presidential candidate known to the people, speaks on Attack of the Show. Here's why Ron Paul want people to vote for him.

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Legionaire20054108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Everybody put on your V suits, because we are going to takeover this government and bring back true Freedom in America!!!! Attention all Gamers!!! Register to vote for Ron Paul!!! He religiously follows the constitution, he believe in freedom of expression, he is against the taxation of the internet which governments are trying to regulate, he will put end to inflation and abolish the Federal Reserve the first two weeks in office!!! Think about it!!! For example: Game Designers will have the freedom to create games like Manhunt 2, for the attended audience without the government violating freedom by censorship!!! Ron Paul is even against the ban of internet gambling!!!! Guys this is a no brainner!!! Ron Paul is our voice for this country. Here is a link to his website:

JsonHenry4108d ago

This guy used to be a Libertarian. ( for info )

Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the third largest political party here in America, the Libertarians, knows that they are the only ones interested in TRUE freedom in America.

Ron Paul is a viable candidate, and I HOPE he makes it out of the GOP primaries. But something tells me the Republicans are no longer interested in freedoms for America, and we all know if Democrats win it will be nothing but new goverment control and more taxes.

BlackCountryBob4108d ago

Dear everyone in America

Vote for this guy, he seems to be a pretty straight guy and has his head screwed on. If you don't want him can you send him over to the UK because he has gotta be better than Messrs Blair (going today :D) Brown and Cameron.

emptiness4108d ago

NICE :) i hope we as a people want him because he is definately coherent, clear, and knowledgable ...unlike some other runners (and elects)

Marona4108d ago

Holy crap, first ever amazing president in my life time! GTFO Bush, Welcome Paul! :D He got my vote already.

Rooted_Dust4108d ago

I've been follwing Ron Paul for some months now. He is by far the most popular candidate on the internet, but the mainstream media is refusing to report on him. They are die-hard on trying to push that Rudy Guliani and Hilary Clinton are the only viable candidates. The media is subverting our democratic process. Tell you family and friends about Ron Paul, the only true Constitutionalist and Statesman running for President.

emptiness4108d ago

if i were to vote now, Ron Paul would get my vote, hands down. this guy has consistently presented a solid and stable view of freedom, interpretation of the constitution, and solutions to current problems. he is definately the BEST candidate for office at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.