Natal Dated, Is "Impressive"

Looks like Natal's aiming for an October release, according to Jonathan Ross who attended the celebrity reveal of Project Natal this evening.

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Gigalol2852d ago

Heavy rain is NOT AAA exclusive


MAG is NOT AAA exclusive

WKC is NOT AAA exclusive

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time is NOT AAA exclusive

Yakuza 3 is NOT AAA exclusive

Demon's Soulzz is not AAA exclusive
god of war 3 is THE NEXT ONE....

FLOP ON THE WAY? Aaroon Greenberg say hi.

This is Living :D

peeps2852d ago

if you're gonna spam at least make sure the links work

ps12&3lover2852d ago

im pretty sure natal will have soooo many AAA games lol...i bet you cant wait to jump up and down waving your arms like an idiot while hitting balls with your head...sounds like something you would do anyway

ELite_Ghost2852d ago

lol have fun playing crappy 5 min "oh wow next game!" games...
ps2 had natal... its called an eyetoy...

and one last thing... natal wont change anything... it will barely sell 500k this year... its way too expensive at this crisis time...

Dev8 ing2851d ago

Let's compare AAA's (over 90 score)

XBOX 360
Gears in 2008, Forza 3 in 2009 and ME2 in 2010. That's 3 in 3 years.

LBP, MGS4 in 2008 Uncharted 2, killzone 2, MLB 09 the show, GOW Collection in 2009. That's 6 in 2 years.

360 has no games.

Gue12851d ago

huh I thought Demon's Souls won many Goty awards... At leats for gamespot it was game of the year. I that's not triple aaa then I don't know what it is.

L4d2 won nothing. And HALO ODST went down the drain! lol

What else the X360 has to offer anyway?

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2852d ago
The Simple Truth2852d ago

who would want to play that!?

I have no desire to look like a fool, nor do i have the room in my house.

Thanks, but no thnaks. I'll stick to playing heavy rain on my pad...

Ronster3162852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Sounds more like wiimote version 2.0 to me pal.

You say you have no room? your in trouble then when it comes to Heavy buttons.

Waggle Waggle.

awesomeperson2852d ago

"Sounds more like wiimote version 2.0 to me pal. "

How does heavy rain have ANYTHING to do with wiimotes? At all?

I do not even KNOW what your refering to, but if its to the arc, then isn't natal just Eyetoy Version 1.5?

Syronicus2852d ago

But to tell you the truth, if it comes up short in the hardcore gaming genres then it won't ever grace my entertainment center. I have a Wii for the kids and don't want to repeat the waggle for no reason. Same goes for the Sony Arc.

Corrwin2852d ago

I agree, waggle works great when it's used as an extra axis, or the equivalent of having one more button on the controller - like Killzone 2's sniper-adjust.

There have been far too many games that could have simply used a controller normally, but they had to shoehorn in waggle as a gimmick (De Blob is one of my favourite Wii games, but it would have been so much better just using a controller).

SilentNegotiator2852d ago

“Natal on Xbox [is] impressive,” the presenter said. "Not quite there yet"

k-Lan2852d ago

Good job SilentNegotiator! You just reviewed the entire article. Do you feel proud now? What's your take on Natal? Is it gonna suck? Too bad it wasn't made for the PS3 or it would be seen as the best thing since sliced bread.

Natal will work. Maybe not for the hardcore games at first but it'll happen eventually. I'll be happy using it for the menu's until i see some decent games and not all this demno stuff that the fanboys are going wild over.

King_of _the_Casuals2852d ago

I can't wait till Natal comes out!!! Not expecting it to be perfect, cuz it's obviously gonna have some lag. But still going to be brilliant nonetheless! I can already picture how much fun we're gonna have when I break it out during my house parties!!!

witchking2852d ago

I also have a Wii for the kids. I think I played bowling on it twice the first week we had it, and haven't touched it since. I keep thinking maybe I should pick up Metroid Prime Trilogy and see if there's any redeeming value to the thing at all, but then I think "I could spend that $50 on something I know I'll like on the 360."

I anticipate that if Natal is under $50, then I'll probably pick it up for the kids. I don't anticipate that I'll use it at all unless I can turn it on and off via voice and use my finger to navigate the Marketplace and dashboard menus. Other than that, I prefer a controller.

But when you're 42 and still gaming, you're old school. :-)

mastiffchild2852d ago

K-lan-why do you think using Natal to navigate menus to be better/easier/more efficient/quicker or any improvement over pushing a couple of buttons that ARE quick and accurate already? I'm not having a dig at all and it might be a big improvement but I just fail to see either how it will be OR why it needs to do it at all. At best I think people might use it while it's a gimmick but go back to buttons when they realise that that's just the best option for doing things like that. I just think there's things buttons will always be best for.

Certainly Natal is still a big mystery and a bit laggy(though less than it was which is promising)andcould well have a lot of great uses we haven't even dreamed about yet and I'm not writing it off or knocking it before I've tried it in any way but by the same tken we can't get too excited before we see something a little more taxing than that dodgeball game running less than optimally. Knowing MS they're keeping their powder dry and I hope that proves to be the case.

I also have to say I'm intrigued to see how both Natal and the Wands finally answer the question of how you get round bigger gameworlds. Sony NEED a nunchuck style second controller and and Natal will need something completely fresh to do the same job or risk not being able to do many types of game. A lot of answers are needed and more questions keep emerging all the while, imo. Roll on GDC/E3 and conference season and a little clarity to add some meat to the bones of our nascent opinions on the matter.

BiggCMan2852d ago

@witchking, please, PLEASE rethink about getting metroid prime trilogy, it is worth every penny. they are some of the best games ever created, and thats just fact. you definitely have nothing to worry about if you go and buy it, and its 3 games for the price of one, you cant beat that.

inveni02852d ago

This casual stuff doesn't interest me at all. If they can apply this technology to real games in a way that actually makes the game better, sign me up. If not, I'll still have no reason to buy a 360 (though Fable 2 and 3 are starting to tempt me).

ChozenWoan2852d ago

1. The lag is still there
2. At about 31secs there is a "BAM! There it is" glitch
3. Notice how far away from the TV everyone has to be for these demos... my living room is not that large just FYI.
4. The only way people seem to be able to hit a ball in this game is due to them throwing out 15 of them at a time so that some of them are bound to hit you. To me as a gamer that feels cheep and requires next to no skill.
5. They still are not showing anything new since E309... at least Sony has given us this.

we won2852d ago

So what you are saying is you're FOS and just a bitter PS3 fan?

ChozenWoan2852d ago

No I'm a gamer, been one for 30years. Get a second bub then come at me son.

As a gamer I enjoy casual, mainstream, and hardcore games. However, nothing I've seen of Natal impresses me... and as a gamer, lag = death.

Raz2852d ago

Even the Wii has buttons - because doing everything with motion is just silly. ..Why wouldn't I just go play an actual game of basketball instead of waving my arms around in front of a screen like a goon?

2851d ago
zag2851d ago

Sony already have natal it's called PS Eye, been out for a number of years as well.

As for the video, shows all the reasons why people will get fed up with it.

You see the guy is stuffed after 2 mins of playing, and then a chick is saying see it's ok but if you have to shift all your stuff around to the edge of the room just so you can play a game with natal it's going to be a pain.

Just think of what it'd be like playing CoD via natal you'll be stuffed after a few mins, and some people would be playing it for hours straight on a controller.

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yoghurt2852d ago

The more I see this, the more I find it hilarious. I appreciate everyone has different tastes and views etc, but I just cannot see why anyone would do this, really.

RealityCheck2852d ago

I know this comment won't be popular but to be honest, seeing this guy jump around and flail is arms around is the saddest gaming moment I've seen since Wii Music (Myiamoto pretending to play the flute and Ravi pretending to play the drums).

I think this will be great for kids and casuals but unless they show some complimentary gameplay to hardcore games with a regular controller, count me out.

edhe2852d ago

The last thing i will want to do with natal is use it for jumping about like that game - what i do want it for is the other stuff such as interface control, mic, facial recognition and the extra depth that things like that could add to games.

We shall see.