MSNBC - Heavy Rain Review (Mod Edit- Possible Spoilers in comment section)

"Heavy Rain will make you look deeper; the creepy suspense game finds out what you are willing to do to stop a serial killer."


For those whose are angry about the jerk who posted a bunch of spoilers, please stop reporting my story, I logged on and there was over 25 repots. I get it, somebody ruined your day, possibly even the game, but don’t take it out on me, I only posted the story, I didn’t ruin the game. A mod has even warned you not to read the comments, so don't report my story if you do. Read at you own digression, somebody has spoiled the game and the spoiler is in the user's name.

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morganfell3012d ago

Damn. Even MSNBC has to admit the truth.

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AEtherbane3012d ago

I think their gaming department is pretty unbiased, they tend to give the PS3 games scores just as good as Xbox scores. if anything, they hate on the wii for barely reviewing any of their games.

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-Alpha3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Seriously, just because it's owned by MS doesn't mean they are biased against the PS3. They've rated many PS3 games really high yet PS3 fans continue to blacklist any site that even hints at bias, of course without any proof except that reviews have the audacity to give a PS3 exclusive 7 or below, or because maybe MS paid them off/owns them... yet when a suspected site gives a great score to a PS3 exclusive the site all of a sudden matters. Make up your minds.

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nefertis3012d ago

Nice score i need to get a ps3. Playb3yond

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Julie3012d ago

Why people have to spoil games? why ? why the hate this is not fun at all i have avoided every single video and article for not to spoil this game and now you freaks do this? where is the fun on that?

This is the worst thing i saw on N4G , and i have seen a lot of bad stuff ! ruin an experience for other people for what what do you get from this? nothing!

Sorry but i feel really sad right now

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-Alpha3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Be wary of your inbox! The spammer who spoiled the game fore me is sending it via PM Inbox, so BE CAREFUL.

He also spoiled something about God of War, which one I don't know since I havent played the game, but just a fair warning to users to watch out for your inbox

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captain-obvious3012d ago

its not the person that he's saying
its a fake spoiler


you can count on me guys

Darkstorn3012d ago

MSNBC writes good reviews. Their Uncharted 2 and Bioshock 2 video reviews were among the best I've seen.

Bnet3433012d ago

Now I know to stay away from this website when I buy a game I care about. Seriously sucks for those who were planning to buy Heavy Rain.

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Saaking3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

So 360 fans want to play that way ey? Alright then. I'll play.

I'm still gonna buy the game and enjoy it, but I won't just sit here and take it while a moron spoils it for all PS3 fans.

PS3 fans, PLEASE don't open your PM boxes anymore. This moron goes under the names:

Dawn of the Bread
(another spoiler name)
And the one he used above.
(As well as other 360 troll accounts such as Bungie and MGR)

He even admitted to it through PMs and wants to ruin other PS3 games.

So again, I strongly advise you NOT to open your PM boxes.

-Alpha3012d ago Show
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morganfell3012d ago

Xtruth, I see what you were saying. It seemed at first you were referring to Alpha.

Staircase3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I'm sure the game will still be excellent.

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WildArmed3012d ago

Man some N4G folks are the bigggest douches on earth.
Stupid 12 year olds think it's fun to ruin games for others.
Someone needs to get a bloody life.

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Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I'm actually surprised that more games don't get spoiled like this. It's like the ultimate fanboy victory. lol

If I REALLY like a game I will avoid reading comments about it just in case someone posts a spoiler.

After this little event, I strongly suggest that people avoid the Alan Wake threads like the plague. lol

beardpapa3012d ago

I think a lot of people that went to gamefaqs a few days ago were spoiled already. I was one of them.

As for that idiot spoiler troll... he should be lynched

slayorofgods3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Heavy Rain releases Tomorrow!! I can't wait to play it!

at the troll that got deleted, please get out once in a while

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PirateThom3012d ago

I would ask everyone to report this story due to spoilers, if it's been spoiled for you, no reason other people should have it spoiled for them.

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LtSkittles3012d ago

Greywulf, Odion is doing the best he can.

WildArmed3012d ago

Don't do that, just report the bloody ass who is doing it.
Unfortunately the contributor did not to anything to earn those reports.

I just hope we can keep this place clean w/ mods and people marking spam posts (and getting those people on Ignore list)

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Slient Knight 93012d ago

thats just sad call yourself gamer more like a hater