Wired review: Heavy Rain's riveting murder story is big leap for games (Mod Edit- Spoiler troll is in here name is a spoiler)

The Mature-rated Heavy Rain packs all the trimmings of a game designed for niche hobbyists, from hyper-realistic characters to occasionally gruesome violence.

But the gameplay underneath proves as simple as the wrapping is extravagant, making the game an "interactive drama" of interleaved plot points and branching paths that's simple enough for anyone to play and enjoy.


Beware of the major spoiler trolling in the N4G's comment section.

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unchartedgoty3041d ago

im dont know, goood review though

dkgshiz3041d ago

This guy keeps on spoiling. I bet hes laughing his ass off in his lazy boy. Hes probably about 700 pounds and lives in his parents basement. Found him http://images.ultimatesexpo...

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Light Yagami3041d ago

What a huge kick in the nuts. i never expected him to be the killer. Of course, not everyone expected me know ;)

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