Transformers: The Game Review

Less then meets the eye. gives 5.7 rating to the Transformers:The Game

"The 2004 videogame adaptation of the Transformers: Armada line from Atari (on PS2) was a Transformers game done right. It had better visuals, cooler incentives for moving between robot and vehicular forms, and boasted some of the best boss battles that year. But Activision's 2007 iteration doesn't live up to that standard. Its lack of depth and poor mission design ensures that. Granted, the game isn't too awful -- as it does offer some entertaining diversions here and there (and the Decepticon missions are actually fun), but given what was promised and what was ultimately delivered, I thought it'd be made of sterner stuff."

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MK_Red4192d ago

Its rather disappoiting for Travellers Tales, who have maed great movie and non-movie based games from LEGO Star Wars to Narnia.

donscrillinger4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

i don't agree with the score neither of the other sites gave the game .its fun as hell from both sides of the game .also the graphics are cool .i haven't beat it yet but i've read that the game is real short .now if this is true than the game then loses two marks, for def.but as of now it gets an 8.3 from me .needs co-op....its one of those games you got to play for yourself

MrSwede4192d ago

Is it really that good? I played Transformers Armada from Atari on PS2 and it was one of the best games I´ve played on PS2, I guess it was my kind of game. Have you played Armada on PS2? If so is the new one as good/better?

peksi4192d ago

5.7! LOL! It had to come to this... game companies stop this franchise crap and start creating something new.

donscrillinger4192d ago

yes i've played that one and i loved it also .this game is about the same .too me ,its pretty fresh

eclipsegryph4192d ago

I love playing with my Wii version of the Transformers game. I mean, granted I've only played it for a couple of hours, but it's very fun and cathartic to just go on rampages and investigate the entire map. Personally I think it's a great game, but hey, that's just me.

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