Sounds of Rapture from Bioshock

Many of you have asked for some sound bites taken from Rapture, and today, you get your first taste. Masterminded by the sound gurus of Irrational, these clips were constructed by Emily Ridgway, Audio Designer, Patrick Balthrop and Justin Mullins, Sound Assistants, Carlos Cuello, Audio Programmer, and Eric Brosius, Sound Contractor.

These first snippets come from the Gene Banks scattered around the city.

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Diselage4191d ago

It seems like no matter what's released for this game, the content always make the game seem better.

toughNAME4191d ago

naw i disagree
i mean this is the first interesting thing iv seen in awhile

i want to be somewhat surprised when the game comes out..
i think theres TOO MUCH stuff on bioshock...but meh w\e

first day buy for me:D