Lens of Truth: Bioshock 2 Review

Lens of Truth writes," In this Flash Review we take a look at yet another sequal, Bioshock 2. This time we romp through Rapture as the O.G. of all Big Daddies, "Project Delta". Let's see if he can stand up to the new and improved Rapture, or if "Project Delta" should have been left in Davy Jones' locker. Down periscope."

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Sea_Man2854d ago

If people played the game you would know that your in a prototype Big Daddy suite. So to answer your question your Big Daddy suite is a lot weaker than the Big Daddy's you fought in the first one, and during the game you have the option to upgrade your suite.

thebudgetgamer2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

i'm going to buy it regardless. just have to take it easy for now, my chick just allowed me to buy a 360. so now im on an even stricter budget for now.

edit: when i said people i meant game informer.

NewZealander2854d ago

i have to admit when i first started playing the game i felt i had wasted my cash, it just seemed to be more of the same, and the story seemed lacking.

but the more time i spent with this game the more i love it, i actually think the story is as good if not better then the first, and if you stick it out till the end theres some really welcome gameplay twists that i didn't see coming.

i saw some reviews said none of the levels stood out but i disagree with that too, sure theres no arcadia but i was impressed with most of the levels in the game.

im on the last stretch, so im off to finish BS2 in a few mins, i started hating the game, i didn't like playing as a big daddy, but the story got me, i actually don't want it to end now, cant wait to play it again.

junk-3d2854d ago

Great game! But I have to admit that the multiplayer was less than amazing. They would have been better off just leaving it out.

ArthurLee2854d ago

I hated the multiplayer too, good thing the single player is just as good as the first games.

Baron792854d ago

2K did another great job with sucking the player into the world of Rapture yet again. Great game.

Shogun Master2854d ago

great game on both systems as well.

Joe Bomb2854d ago

This was just as good as the first. I'd give it a 9.0