Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: There is no doubting that Resident Evil 5 was one of the best games released last year. Capcom continues to reinvent the franchise and make it relevant to the current generation. Over the next month the company is also hoping to lure fans back into the mix with a series of downloadable content that not only extends the online portion, but also adds two new chapters to the story mode that should really draw fans back in. The first of these two is now available and has two of our favorite characters taking a stroll into a mansion, which resembles a blast from the past.

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raWfodog2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

What say you all? Did you enjoy it? I'm still going to pick it up...someday. The gold edition is currently $47 on amazon and will be availbale 3/9. Is it worth it? I'm leaning towards the PS3 version because I'm more used to the PS3 controller for RE games (RE4 was my favorite).

ps360owner092982d ago

It continued the action trend that resident evil 4 had and since that is your favorite resident evil you should enjoy this one. I actually prefer the older survival horror and more puzzle oriented re titles but I still thought this game was solid. From what I can remember I think resident evil 4 has a better story than this one. Also you will be with a partner for most parts of this game so it definitely makes it less scary.

I didn't do any of the multiplayer so I am basing my opinion strictly on the singleplayer. Also the lost in nightmares dlc is similar to the old puzzle oriented survival horror resident evils so I enjoyed it a lot even though it was short. The second dlc I heard is more action oriented and since it hasn't been released yet I can't comment on it.

SIX2982d ago

Get it. IMO it's not a true RE game. It's not scary in the least, but it is a good action game. Plus the graphics are jaw dropping.

okcomputer2982d ago

Depends on what you're looking for. If you want a straight up action game with great graphics and nice co-op features, then its worth it. If you're looking for a continuation of RE4 style survival horror gameplay then its a disappointment to say the least.

Rockox2982d ago

I was okay with RE5 leaning more towards being an action game, I just wish the controls would have reflected that change.

That being said, it's a great co-op game (the AI in single-player sucks) and is definately worth playing, especially with all the added content.

BkaY2982d ago

so i guess i enjoyed it.. lol


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blazed132982d ago

if no one is going to say it i am.. anything on resi 5 is not worth purchasing. to start off the game was hugely over rated imo. then capcom releases the multiplayer game i forgot what its called for sale and it sucked. i think it should of been free. this game was a big disappointment. capcom needs to give resident evil a big overhaul. dead space was a better game imo. now thats survival horror.

nycredude2982d ago

It was a good game ruined by greedy business practices by Capcom. I would rate it 8/10 but you're right Deadspace was far superior.

Close_Second2982d ago

...the Resident Evil 5 was one of the most disappointing games last year.

Over priced, over hyped and gameplay that was not even as good as RE4. Oh, and paying for content that's already on the disc...sorry, not buying another CAPCOM game this gen unless its a genuine AAA.