A Tale of 11 Broken Xbox 360s

Justin Lowe is your average hardcore gamer. He's fully embraced the HD era, owning both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and loves his Nintendo DS and PSP for gaming on-the-go. He even helps run Aggravated Gamers, an indie gaming podcast. What's special about Justin, though, is he's currently on his twelfth Xbox 360.

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Husso4190d ago


thats some quality hardware right there lol.

Caxtus7504189d ago

A tale of a dirty living room or a badly ventilated house more like

kevoncox4189d ago

People forget these things come with a 1 year FREE Warrenty. Seeing how he's gotten it replaced 12 times and the 360 has only been out 1.5 years... It's likely that all if not most of those exchanges were free of charge.

In closing, I am on my 3rd xbox and I have neer had the ring of death issue.

My first 360 died due to a surge with my cable company that killed the Newtwork Adaptor. MS exchanged it with a repaired 360 that had a problem reconizing my wireless controller( turn time 3 days)

I returned the 2nd and got a repaired system( turn time 3 days)
My latest system is awesome and I have had it for over 1 year. I am happy with how MS has handled me. Sony completly ignore my first dead ps2 and psX. Remember when you had to turn you psx on the side after 3 months of use Did Sony ever address that? I had friends that used rubber bands to keep the flip up lid down. These are all problems that plauged the 1st psx but no one cared.Why

Tsalagi4190d ago

By console number 4 i would have been sitting in Peter Moore's living room when he got home with his family tied up saying " Things break! don't they Peter!!"

LOL, not really, don't call the cops on me. 8)

zantetsuken4190d ago

In all seriousness, what can he do? So many people have tried lawsuits and MS settles out of court.

If MS continues on this track and doesn't fix the issues, PS3 won't have to do anything to win.

GaMr-4190d ago

The Xbox360's sold and the Xbox360's broken numbers are starting to rival each other. The Xbox is its own worst enemy at this point.

I guess if they knew how to make reliable hardware there names would be


Kokoro4190d ago

I guess that man knows the meaning of "gotta take the good with the bad". At least he's honest and not trashing the console. Some people take good care of their console but end up having them brick. Others have zero problem with them. But I do hope MSoft finds an answer to this. Cause both PS3 and 360 are great consoles, but the 360 has a great problem with reliability.

kingofps34190d ago

Poor guy (11 dead 360s?#!%??). Damn

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The story is too old to be commented.