Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' AI Combatants

The biggest news when it comes to id Software may be John Carmack's recently announced Tech 5 engine, but let's not forget about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars while musing about impending advances in future game engine technology. In combination with Splash Damage for the PC version, Z-Axis for the PlayStation 3, and Nerve Software for the Xbox 360, id Software is planning on bringing this online shooter out whenever it's done; hopefully this year. The game pits Strogg and Global Defense Force (GDF) armies against each other in objective-based combat. Maps start out with players choosing between classes of varying abilities that include calling down machines of war, launching rockets, and hacking electronics. Players will have to understand each class' strengths to be successful, as they're required to complete objectives and win maps.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4190d ago

Hopefuly this game will come out before Battlefield (crosses fingers) because I would rather not buy a game from the take your money and run, never update your games "EA".