Donald Trump to Offer Games for 1 Cent/Min

Trump's new casual game "micro-licensing" allows you to pay only for what you play, with the maximum charge being the price of the game. Why didn't anybody think of that before? At 60 cents an hour, this could save casual gamers a lot of money.

Trump says, "Our business model is based on letting our customers buy as much of a game as they want, never paying without getting value for their money, and they are going to find Merscom's games very addicting."

Ingenious, D.N.A, Buku Sudoku, Ball 7 and Buku Kakuro will all be available for download on Double Trump's PlayOn Arcade soon.

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socomnick4187d ago

I rather pay for in the cage match between trump and rosey

scarlett_rg4187d ago

I've gotta admit. This is one of those ideas where you think "Damn, why didn't I think of that?"

It may take a while, but I think this form of transaction will be huge in the future.