Madden 08 Weapons Feature Revealed

Weapons are assigned to elite players in the league to reinforce what makes them great. Weapons icons help you recognize great player attributes, like Ladainian Tomlinson's unstoppable trucking ability and incredible elusiveness. By correctly identifying and utilizing those abilities, gamers will transform into a true madden powerhouse. But, weapons don't work alone.

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LacariousTheGreat4185d ago

SIGNATURE STYLE - Legends have their own signature moves in the game - Barry's spin, Walter's scissors kick, Jerry's one-handed grabÑthey're all there.

donscrillinger4185d ago

this ain't 2k8 football son none of what you wrote about attest with in this game .

donscrillinger4185d ago

this weapon crap iz corny fasho .all you wack azz madden cats should know real football not just the videogame than you would know who's your weapons and so fourth.lame, E.A. should have kept
that and added the refs on the field and the side line refs and the line of scrim ,field goal nets ,real field action in the jumbo men on the camera towers ,cheer leaders.just to name a few .